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Team jungler who wants to improve

Creator: ilpiccoluca March 6, 2022 8:02am
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Jul 24th, 2021
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Hi everyone, i'm newbie here.
I started play League in May, and i learned about Jungle, and i main this role so. After months of play, i think i could reach low silver (B1 70LP last season).
I play some easiest junglers champs, like Xin, Diana, Hecarim, Trundle (after being a Warwick main when i start). I try to learn about Lee Sin since couple of days, because I think I can quickly understand how to perform moves, but i need to learn about timings etc... (but for combos, my exp in versus fighting helps).

I often play champs based on the following tier list:, but i'll glad to hear some advice on which jgl champs could be useful for continue to improve in my way, without being out my league mechanically.

I wish you a good day !

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