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Transitioning to Ranked

Creator: Foehammer February 22, 2012 9:15am
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Feb 19th, 2012
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Any pro tips for making the transition into Ranked games? I do pretty well in standard matchmaking and like to consider myself a decent team player, but I know there's probably strategies I haven't even seen yet that I'll be introduced to in Ranked. I play either Malphite, Malzahar, or Teemo based on team needs.

P.S. I hear "wards" a lot, but I'm not sure I understand then when and how of these items. Any tips for these as well?
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Feb 8th, 2011
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3 well played champions is not a good set of champions. You want to have at least 15 champions that you play well. 3 for each role.

When it comes to wards, if you are leaving the pool with at least 75 gold and an empty slot, buy a ward.
If you're mid lane and you can afford it, buy 2. Put them in places where you can be ganked from. It's very difficult to kill you if you make it look like you're going back when the jungler comes. He's now wasted his time.

Depending on their jungler, and your role, you want to have dragon warded past the 4 minute mark and baron warded past... about the 20 minute mark. Re-ward them whenever possible. If you're solo top, you probably have enough gold to buy 5 wards after a full item almost every back past the 15 minute mark. Use these to guard your blue/red buff, baron and the 2 gank spots for top lane. If you're support bot lane, you should be buying a large majority of the wards for the team. If you're AD carry, buy a ward every now and then. Health pots too. They keep you in lane so much longer. AP mid, wards. Jungler, 2-3 wards every time you back. 3-4 if you don't have wriggles. Place them around important buffs and time them! 5 minutes for blue/red buff. 6 minutes for Dragon(190 global gold) and 7 minutes for the baron(300 global gold not including the gold value of the stats which is huge). For smaller camps, which you don't really need to time, 50 seconds for wraith camp, 1 minute for double golems and wolves. If your AP mid can 1shot them, give them the wraith camp whenever it comes up. The bonus EXP and gold is a great bonus if you're not around and the healing is invaluable.

Work on your CS for each role, except support that is. 17 CS is about as much gold as a kill.

Don't be afraid to do odd things. I've done solo top Ezreal. And I tanked too because we had no other tank. We won because I was first in and absorbed cooldowns for the rest of the team so they could do damage.

This is a lot to put in one little post but, I hope it helps.

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