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Welcome to the Jungle...NOW GET OUT!

Creator: Burritobrett July 29, 2012 5:15pm
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Jul 26th, 2012
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Hey guys!

As you probably can tell, I'm really new to these forums so please correct me if I've done anything that would be considered "Bad".

ANY WAYS, I'm looking for someone who can just help me/ give me advice. Not about how to jungle, but about how to do it better, who are easier champs to play when jungling and possibly just help with a few kinks in my methods in jungling. I AM a level 30 but I mainly played in lane most games.

Really ANY help is appreciated so if you don't wanna go through extra effort and such, you can just put a comment on this thread and let me know what you do to be a better jungler. And like I said, any help will be accepted.

As for junglers I've played recently, I've played Hecarim in quite a few bot games but only a few PvP games. Nocturne I tried recently but didn't like.

Thanks to whoever can help.

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The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Welcome to Mobafire.
You listed your IGN, but sadly
not your region ^^. Just edit that
in your profile.

I can tell you that 2 good things to rmemeber
when jungling, is:

1) Remember to counter-jungle.

2) Remember some wards.

Counter-jungling can be done by taking a break from your
own jungle and invading the enemy jungle. What you'll be doing
can be two-fold. You can kill some of his camps, but not entirely.
Make sure to not kill all creatures in a camp, so the camp doesn't
refresh. Thus you'll steal gold, exp and maybe even a buff or two.

Second, you can put down a ward, so that your teams collective map
awarenes will be increased. But likewise also to get a further hint of
when the enemy jungler is at your ward, so you can invade a different
part of his jungle if you wish.

The other part is warding your own jungle. If the other guy is worth his
salt, he'll be countering you too. Well to counter that, you should get into
the habit of placing a few wards yourself, when you go back. This can also
help the people who's in your team, since you could for example ward the river
by baron, thus helping your toplane too.

Depending on who you play, I'd say a good tip to keep in mind is, that YOU
decide when to gank. Not your lane teammates. Also, do remember to either ping
or write to your team, about what you're going to do ^^. Sucks ganking and them
not noticing. Haha.

A jungler I can recommend, is Alistar. His ganks are epic, even if the enemy is at
their towers. However, he isn't so fast in the jungle and such. Shyvana is also a good
choice for a fast jungler. The new champ Diana is perhaps also quite good.
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