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Well... I'm in need of a Mentor. :<

Creator: Tayce January 14, 2012 3:40pm
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Jan 10th, 2012
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I haven't been doing great lately, and it seems like i've been doing worse than i usually do... (Maybe it's just one of those phase's.) or I'm just bad. xD

But yeah I would like a mentor to help me with my faults and hopefully get better, Any mentors welcome (But I have no idea how to use ap chars tbh, so keep that in mind)

IGN: Tayce
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Jan 25th, 2011
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you're probably playing against better competition. I know I feel this way sometimes but then I explode with tons of good games and playmaking I didn't previously see. I then realize how much I've improved. For example Previously my cs would be okay, probably around 60-70% as an AD carry down botlane or as a mid. But I've really picked it up, most games I'm hitting about 90% cs even if I am sparing with my opponent. Also due to how much support I play, I just have instinctive timers of when things will generally be up.

Also playing against higher level competition is really good, you'll never get better without playing people above your level. I practiced CS alot tbh. In custom games (no bots, just myself) I try and hit about 95-98%. But then again I usually run a practice game or two a day just to keep up this level of play. If I do extremely poorly I'll run a practice game. If you're having trouble csing then start with custom games and try and hit about 90% in customs while aiming for 70-80% in normal que. In normal que or low elo out-csing your opponents is pretty easy and gives you a huge edge.

Now if last hits aren't your problem and say decision making is, watch some high elo live streams. I personally really like Doublelift, Chaox, Reginald, and Saintvicious. HotshotGG is also very good to watch. In terms of raw mechanics Doublelift and Chaox are very sound, HotshotGG is also good at last hitting. However, I find that Saintvicious actually improves my gameplay the most even though I rarely if ever jungle. His general map awareness and timing for jungle respawns, dragon, baron, etc. is almost unparalleled.

If you're still having trouble, add me in game @ Mooninites. I'm certainly no elo god but I've been able to compete with people I felt were better than me simply by outperforming them in basic mechanics.
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Thalia Kael
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Dec 5th, 2011
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what level/elo are you?
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