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When can laners start taking jungle mobs?

Creator: Haligonian January 31, 2012 8:35pm
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Jan 31st, 2012
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Game after game I find myself sitting my lane, last hitting what seems to be more than my lanemates or opponents, stay on par with my kills/assists, and remaining in my lane as long as everyone, but I always find myself by mid-game or so starting to lag behind in coin earned.

So I started thinking of how I could be falling behind when it seemed that I was doing at least "well" compared to the rest...and started to noticed that the jungles were getting cleared regardless of wether the jungler was ganking or focused on still farming. (I've also looked into the gold/second items).

Thinking that this must be how everyone is getting the advantage, I decide to go and clear some of the mobs myself, only to be yelled at "Graves get away from my mobs" by the jungler. I back off, thinking that maybe this guy was a bit overprotective....but in the next two games the same thing has happened.

So my question is: When is it ok for a laner to start taking jungle mobs? Aside from the obvious "every game is different", what are some cues or rules of thumb that I should look for before I start moving in? I don't see others asking the jungler if he's there must be something I'm not picking up on.

Thanks for your help...
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Oct 31st, 2010
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Laners can take jungle mobs


Jungle is busy ganking far away.


You will not lose lane farm/EXP for being in the jungle taking mobs.


You have enough sustain that taking jungle mobs will not cause you to take considerable damage that could negatively influence the outcome of the lane.
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Jan 21st, 2012
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it really depends,maybe your jungler had a hard time,counterjungling and unsuccesfull ganks leaves your jungler some lvls under the current overall lvl of all players.
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Mar 28th, 2011
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Laners can take jungle mobs at level 1.

When will it be advantageous?

After the laning phase ends, or if the jungler is on the other side of the map.
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Oct 14th, 2011
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If you are concerned about taking a Junglers mobs, ask him/her first:) Im quite sure they wont mind at all, as long as its not to early in the game
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