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Which champion for which role? (Not a "who...

Creator: adam483t November 7, 2011 1:59pm
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Jun 7th, 2011
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I've been playing for awhile now, and I'm currently in elo hell. That is besides the point, although I am trying my hardest to get out of it currently. And quoting GI Joe, knowing is half the battle.

Anyway, I play a lot of champions. I'm really good with a few, but I'm mostly a jack of all trades, master of none. I can play a lot of champions well, but I'm not a god at a lot.

So, by playing a lot of champions, I have lots to choose from when I need to fill a role. We need an AP carry? I play Brand/Cassiopea/Annie, etc. Support? Soraka/Taric/Zilean, blah. However, how do I know which to pick, when? I'm unsure when I should pick one, or the other. I tend to pick whatever I usually want to play, and is available.

AP champs: Brand/Cassiopea/Kassadin/Annie
Support: Taric/Zilean/Sona/Soraka/Blitzcrank
Jungler: Riven/Lee Sin/Skarner/Xin Zhao/Nocturne/Nunu/Udyr/Fiddle
Solo Top: Garen/Nasus/Riven/Talon/Irelia
AD Carry: Ashe/Cait/Vayne/Ezreal
GrimmFate's Forum Avatar
Aug 22nd, 2011
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adam483t wrote:

how do I know which to pick

It all depends on your team comp, generally Soraka is the all-around support, but in alot of cases Taric or Sona might be a better support.

Ex: If you have a ranged AD like Caitlyn or Graves on your team, and your team needs a support, Take Taric As long as your AD carry has half a mind of what to do every time you stun one of them they'll unload on them for good burst damage or at least hit them once or twice with an AA I'd hope.

Really it just comes with experience knowing who to pick. If you have a Galio on your team, take Fiddlesticks jungle Their ults can work together exceedingly well together and you should have many successful ganks post-6. Again, it all comes with experience, and of course the skill level of the other players :o
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Feb 8th, 2011
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Tanky junglers/solo tops.

Those are some of the best to play at any ELO.

If they initiate well, all the better.
Alistar, Maokai, J4, Lee Sin are all good choices.
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Sep 24th, 2011
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adam483t wrote:
However, how do I know which to pick, when? I'm unsure when I should pick one, or the other. I tend to pick whatever I usually want to play, and is available.

If you're first/second pick, you can really play whatever the hell you want and hope your team mates are basically going to synergize with you. For first/second pick, you should have a couple "go to" characters who you think are strong or really general/all around picks.

Like, I think Sona is a very all around support. If I was stuck in a higher seed and had to first or second pick a support, I would just pick Sona.

If you're lower pick, you have the opportunity to try and counter pick what the enemy team has picked so far, but that requires knowing match ups.

So let's say I'm at character select again, but this time I'm 4th pick. Using Grimm's example, the enemy team has Fiddlesticks and Galio. Instead of Sona, I play Janna so I can counter-initiate.
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Sep 30th, 2010
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This is what you do:

Play Sona all the time. She requires absolutely no skill to play (except paying attention to auras and tactics). Play her AD, Tank, Support, and AP. There is everything you ever need...

No, seriously though...

AP: Brand or Annie. Both have great damage, burst and sustained. Kassadin a little more difficult to play, but he is amazing when played right. Cass is not reliable, not that I have ever seen.

Support: Taric or Soraka. Both supply my favourite kind of support, the ability to stay in lane forever. Sona is extremely easy to play. I don't like her style, but she is a good choice.

Jungle: Udyr or Fiddlesticks. No question about that. They both have great jungle timing and great ganks. Also both very useful late-game, Udyr more-so. I also very much like Skarner. I work wonders with him.

Solo Top: Talon or Nasus. They have great 1v1 harassing capabilities and can each survive any random gank. I think Garen is much better duo-bot constantly securing kills.

AD Carry: Ashe or Caitlyn. They can both provide the necessary damage and enough CC. Ezreal would be my personal choice though.
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