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Why Are We Jungling?

Creator: mordobie
June 19, 2012 6:34am
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Hello i am very new to MOBA genre and reading some articles before starting to play.

i have seen the concept Jungling but could not understand why we do jungling, the reason for it?

Thanks to anyone helps!
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Welcome Mordobie!

Kudos for taking the time to read some articles and understand the game mechanics before diving in!

The concept behind jungling is actually two fold in LoL:

1) The amount of XP (experience, which gives you levels) gained per lane is determined by how many champions are present. For example, a lane with 3 champions in it will be splitting the available XP between all 3 champs. This means they will be leveling slower than a lane with 2 champs, which in turn will be leveling slower than a lane with only 1 champion. This means that having two lanes with only 1 player each will let those two players level very quickly.

2) The ability to "gank" (surprise attack) members of the enemy team can change matches. However, if you are sitting in a lane, the enemy can easily tell when you have left to try to kill someone (a process known as calling an "mia"). It is generally quite hard for someone who is sitting in lane to make it all the way to another lane and gank without being detected.

However, when you are in the jungle the enemy team has literally no idea what your location is at any given time (ignoring wards, clairvoyance, etc.). This gives you the element of surprise when launching attacks on the lanes.

There are other factors as well, but these are the two basic benefits of jungling that will probably remain true no matter what meta shifts take place.

One thing to keep in mind - if you are just starting out, jungling is generally *not* beneficial. Leaving someone on your team to go 1 v 2 in a lane so that you can jungle does not turn out well. Additionally, jungling is very rune dependent (passive character enhancements that activate at lvl 1), and the good runes are not available until level 20.

Good luck out there!
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Wow, that was quite an impressive rundown of the benefits of jungling. Kudos and +rep!

Another great benefit of Jungling are the special buffs that a certain few of the monsters in the jungle give you. The 'Blue Golem' gives you "Blue Buff' (imagine that lol), and THAT buff increases your mana regeneration by a very impressive amount, and also increases your CDR (cool down reduction, which lets you cast your spells faster). The 'Red Lizard' gives you 'Red buff' (again, quite ingenious), and THAT buff increases your physical attack power, and also adds a small slow and dot (damage over time) to your basic attacks.

The cash flow and experience flow of farming monsters in the jungle is quite formidable, and is a resource that should absolutely always be exploited once you are a high enough level that it becomes common.

I too would like to congratulate you on taking the time to do some research before going in elbow deep into this deceptively complex game. That puts you way ahead of over half the people playing. If you ever need any mentoring, help, or general advice, please feel free to add me, my IGN (in game name) is The Overmynd. I already mentor several people, and have enjoyed watching them get progressively better under my tutelage.

Hope this helped XD
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faster leveling and the element of suprise
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not only those points but the jungler has the freedom of moving anywhere he wants to.
That means he can group up with his teammates to steal buffs and secure dragons.

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