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Why cant I improve?

Creator: Ereiv
April 10, 2013 4:25am
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I played League of Legends for months back in the day, and was never really good. I came back after almost a year, and have been trying to get into it, but i cant. i understand the theory of fights, most champ abilities, etc. only thing i'm not to keen on yet is items, but that will come i know it.

As much as I can know about this game, I still cant apply it and get skill. I am stuck at one level, and no matter how many games i play, i still feel like I am terrible. sometimes i get a decent game and have a better attitude, but then i can go right back to failing and not playing well.

I just really want to get better, but I don't know how.
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What is the thing that struggles you?

Items? Last hitting? Map awareness?
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You may not think you're improving but you probably are.

My advice (this won't make you better, but will help you see progress) is to record your games, and save them/upload them to a private youtube account (mine are public so people can see my ventures of noobdom).

This way you can go back on them, watch them and go, "what was I THINKING." this might also help you improve, you can see where you went wrong in a more clear state, not very many people just automatically know what went wrong.

but yeah, more info on the things that are actually making it more difficult for you might be of help.
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I have found that focusing on one specific thing helps me a lot more. When I was newb my goal was last hitting. Everyone said that was an important skill and that is what I always focused on. Then next came map awareness. To fix that I have been playing mid and roaming quite a bit, among other things.
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I still can't last hit to save my life. :(

You could also have a friend spectate and give you pointers. It'll be a minute or so after the fact, but it'll help have another pair of eyes keeping track of what's going on.

If you need pointers, though, just add specifics as to what your issues seem to be. Map awareness is key.

Experience is key, though. Watch your opponent. Learn to read when you're about to be ganked, when your opponents about to jump you, run away, et cetera.
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umm .. to be honest i am not sure what you are asking...

what is it that you think you need to improve on?

what lvl are you?

what champs are you playing?

what do you think you do well?

generally i would say... get good at last hitting, buy wards, and keep an eye on the mini map .... doing those things and reading a guide or two helped me a lot (i went from being really bad to being only kind of bad hehehe)
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