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Willing to help/Mentor players!

Creator: Sept
April 11, 2012 8:00am
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Hello everyone, i have been playing LoL for over a year now, i have accounts on both EU and NA servers however im mostly on NA. I just joined mobafire today so yeah =P.
So i'm pretty nice, friendly and fun to play with.
I have got lots of experiences with LoL so i'm thinking about mentoring players that wants to get better ingame. Just hit me up, Ingame name is Sept, Feel free to add me however my friend list might be full so let me know/post here before adding.
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Hey:) I am the owner of a fresh lvl 30 acc and a lvl 12 one(for buying champs i'm not sure i want). So I've played almost every role, and love supporting and tanking. My problem is i can't gank very well when i jungle, and i hate going mid. Can you help me out with those 2 things? and maybe some tips for ad carrying bot.(never did that, i don't trust my support usually, so i pick the supp) (EU-W)
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