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Apocalyptic Brand Holds Sale for The End of the...

Creator: Mowen September 1, 2012 2:10am
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Nov 7th, 2010
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The world has gone dark. Cities have fallen to a fistful of dust. Society has crumbled into chaos. I have seen the weak perish without food, water, or weapons. The end is now. And so, you too shall end without the aid of stronger allies. Dare not tread these ruined roads alone.

Mercenaries, perhaps? I have rallied these stalwart fighters to my side. Without guardians, you will suffer the inferno in isolation. With them, you may survive. These hired guns will fight for you, for a price. They can be yours with this FIRE . . . sale.

Cassiopeia’s leathery scales and sharpened claws are perfectly adapted to a wasteland ridden
with savage mutated beasts. Catch her for 487 RP before she slithers away.

Technology’s been rendered obsolete in the aftermath of the fires. Heimerdinger will
help you construct neofuturistic weapons for a mere 487 RP.

As the ultimate bodyguard, Shen will protect you from looters and rebels.
He’ll also help you loot and rebel for 487 RP.

Battlecast Urgot continues his pattern of apocalyptic destruction. His impenetrable exterior is
immune to the devastating heat and radiation. He’ll lead your caravan for 487 RP.

Tribal Ryze is well-equipped for a world void of civilization. He requires
little to thrive, but will cost you 260 RP.

Only the strong can survive. You’ll need Executioner Dr. Mundo to put an end to clinging parasites. His axe will be yours for 487 RP.

There’s no time to waste in the midst of the apocalypse. This fire sale will burn from August 31 until September 3. Then they’ll seek out other rogue wanderers.

- - - - -

I like how they talk about Cassiopeia like she is a pokemon or something... >.> Also I think the Battlecast Urgot skin is quite nice, however I don't own him so I'm not exactly looking to buy it, hehe. I've always found Executioner Mundo a little *too* scary so I don't want that one either! XD

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