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Bushfire Relief - Donation Complete!

Creator: Hades4u January 14, 2020 2:44am
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Hello everyone!

The Bushfire Relief charity has ended and we have managed to spread awareness to thousands of people. We hope that our support has raised additional donations to the Animal Welfare League NSW and that the funds will help the people and animals in need.

During the last three days, there have been a little over 200 supportive comments for Australia posted on our forums, Facebook and Twitter.

We have decided to donate tenfold the amount that we initially promised, in order to assist the Animal Welfare League NSW in helping the unfortunate souls suffering from the fires. The total amount donated is $2.000 USD ($2.900 AUD), in hope of aiding the recovery from these tragic events. Below we have added the proof of payment to the charity.

Please remember that there is still time to help. If you have already donated or you plan to donate to the Animal Welfare League NSW or any other authorized Australian emergency charity, please send us a screenshot of the donation (as in the image above) and we will give you a special badge to acknowledge your generous contribution!

Highlight of notable comments in support of Australia:

@ Eccentricks:
I've been many places, but Australia sadly hasn't been one. But, traveling on vacation has taught me that other places of the world are wonderful, and if we are at risk of losing a large amount of unique wildlife and possibly a mass genocide upon kind, normal people, living their lives, then I am all in.

@ TheBlueImperial:
This is amazing, thank you Mobafire for doing this. Much love and respect to everyone fighting the fires in Australia right now and everyone helping in any which way they can, from spreading the word to donating to amazing charities like the Animal Welfare League.

@ Aireszita:
My heart goes out to all the people and animals who are suffering because of the Australian wildfires. I hope that together we can make a difference and help them overcome all of this. Thank you, Mobafire team, for coming up with such a great initiative!

@ Scrimrot:
I'm very happy to see MobaFire donating money to charity to help AU. I didn't know that so many animals were dying in the fire or how drastic it was. They really do need all the help they can get, the least I can is comment.

@ Inky0800
Love you Australia! I think it's great that so many people are supporting Australia even here. I hope that all the people, animals and land will be able to come back stronger after the fire. <3
Special thanks to Jovy for the wonderful signature :)
movetoeasy's Forum Avatar
Jan 25th, 2020
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