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Darkrider Sejuani's Boar-ing Vacation Sale

Creator: Mowen September 25, 2012 5:01pm
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Summoners, I have a dilemma – my boar, Bristle, has gone home to the tundra for vacation while I have stayed the course on the Fields of Justice, and I miss him terribly. What is the Darkrider without her ride? Her faithful companion? It’s been a whole 20 minutes since I’ve uploaded an adorable picture of him to Facebook. I long for battle, summoners, but this lull in the fight has already taken its toll. Let me get straight to the point – I am bored. Bristle was always the one to suggest what to do on a Saturday night, or take me to the trendiest restaurants in the Freljord, or know which taverns have the best happy hours, shoe shopping, which lane to gank…

Find me a companion while Bristle is away with his adorable boar family. Cure me of this languishing boredom at any cost and we’ll see about saving you some cold, hard RP on whoever doesn’t make the cut.

Volibear is an excellent substitute for my Bristle, yet he has a strict “no-riding” policy.
As the Darkrider, I cannot fight my natural urge to ride atop powerful beasts. 487 RP.

Xin Zhao is strong and persevering – a true warrior. But I fear his darting around from
foe to foe would cause him to quickly lose interest in the conversation. 487 RP.

Brand is made of fire. As the Winter’s Wrath, I decline on principle. 487 RP.

Reverse Annie is young and I fear we would have little in common and nothing to discuss.
I am looking for stimulating conversation, not a babysitting gig! 487 RP.

Bandit Sivir would make an excellent companion on the hunt, and I would be glad to have the Battle Mistress
at my side. However, I promised Bristle I’d never hunt without him. It’s kind of our thing. 487 RP.

Hextech Anivia is a modern marvel of engineering, but – ironically enough – doesn’t hold up in cold weather. I’m no
mechanic, but those gears and rotors will quickly freeze-up in the Freljord. Not safe for this bird. 487 RP.

These sale prices shall last from September 25 to September 28, so get them now before my boar returns. Ah, how I long to see my Bristle. And don’t you dare call me a “crazy boar lady.” You’d make excellent pig food.

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I actually like all of the skins on sale this time. :) I have been wanting Hextech Anivia for a while since they ruined my Bird of Prey Anivia splash art, but alas I don't really play her anyways. >.> Volibear seems pretty fun and actually fairly strong, I just rarely see him. Xin Zhao is still strong even though I don't see him that much anymore either.
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Feb 14th, 2012
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hmm. hmm...


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