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Gragas, Esq. Represents You With a Sale

Creator: Mowen September 4, 2012 11:06pm
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Jungle ganked on the job? Support not carrying your team? Hit-and-run by a Teemo mushroom? I’m Gragas, Esq. and I’m a lawyer… *hic* and I’ll fight for you! My champion clients… hold on…




Myyyy champion clients can tell you – ol’ Gragas, Esq. fights and wins your case, no matter what! Just listen to these testimonials and save some RP on my favorite clients:

Galio: Gragas, Esq. turned my Sentinel’s Sorrow into a Sentinel’s Payday and
got me 4.5 million gold from my health insurance company. 487 RP

Tryndamere: I got over twenty tickets from the Freljord Highway Patrol for not having the right chains on my
snow tires. Gragas, Esq. threw a barrel into the courthouse and now I don’t have to go to court. 292 RP

Anivia: After five champions beat me up inside my egg and posted the video to YouTube,
Gragas Esq. landed me another huge settlement for my embarrassment. 487 RP

Look at all that glowing praise! If you’ve been in an accident or the unfortunate victim of collateral AoE damage, you have the right to representation, and I’m the biggest representation you can get! Ha ha! Where’s my brandy? *hic*

Bilgewater Katarina: Aye, Gragas, Esq. sprung me from lockup after I gave
a few of my enemies an acute case of death. 487 RP

Noxus Hunter Anivia: Caw caw! I used to be a real cry-o-phoenix until Gragas, Esq. won my workplace
injury lawsuit and I was able to buy this sweet new armor with the settlement money. 260 RP

Molten Rammus: Gragas, Esq. ok. Money ok. 487 RP

I’m Gragas, Esq., and I’m here to fight for… *hic* hold on… ooof. We might have to take a quick recess to empty the ol’ cask, if you catch my drift. HAH. *BEEEEEEEELCH*

These prices on my clientele will last from September 4 to September 7. Call now and get the help that you need! Maybe I’ll even share a *hic* drink with you. Actually, put me on retainer first. Then we’ll get those drinks.

- - - - -

I found the writing for this skin sale particularly amusing. Especially Rammus' quote. :)
Thanks to GrandMasterD for my sig!

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