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Help Charred Maokai Find Mages with a Sale

Creator: Mowen September 18, 2012 11:41am
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Friends of the forest, magic has been misused in my domain. Flames, begone! Torment me no longer! Reckless mages have set my home ablaze, and I would end this burden, but it always returns! My charred bark is evidence of this vile destruction of the forest. We, together, shall end these nefarious acts. Remember, summoners, only you can prevent the wanton use of magic that can burn and tear worlds asunder.

We must recruit champions to help seek out these abominable mages. My saplings and I can only seek out so much information. I shall compensate you for your troubles, to be sure, with a sale. Those you enlist to aid me shall have their prices lowered.

Fiddlesticks, a sick and twisted being fueled by vile magics… sounds like my type
of guy. His murder of crows can survey for the culprits. Enlist his help for 292 RP.

While Viktor might seem like the kind of mastermind inventor that would wantonly pollute and not care for the
environment, his technology is as green as it comes. You can take him and his tax write-offs for 487 RP.

Hecarim loves to gallop through the woods when his equestrian side beckons, so would come to
nature’s aid. Nature, friends, should not be defied! Put him in your stable for 487 RP.

Prototype Viktor needs to get his technology Energy Star-approved before entering my domain. His
help, however, would be invaluable. Commit to cleaner standards and recruit him for 487 RP.

Darkforge Jarvan IV’s armor was crafted from a rare ore strip-mined out of a grand ravine. It was once home to a
thriving, beautiful ecosystem. He shall atone for his sins against nature by assisting our cause for only 487 RP.

A friend of the trees, Sherwood Forest Ashe has sat in my branches, waiting for the perfect chilling shot.
She is as dependable as they come when nature is threatened. She shall assist you for 260 RP.

Quickly, summoners – these special prices will only last from September 18 to September 21, or until we rid the forest of magic unchecked! I may be charred and singed from the ash and flames, but these careless mages shall know my terrifying remorse.

- - - - -

I found this bit particularly funny, "Prototype Viktor needs to get his technology Energy Star-approved before entering my domain."

I think the Darkforge Jarvan skin is pretty nice, unfortunately I don't own him so it's a bit of a moot point. I already own Viktor and I think he's quite fun, if you like mages you should definitely try him out. He's surprisingly strong in lane. :)
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Jun 15th, 2011
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Darkforge Jarvan IV, we meet again.

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