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Massive Update!

Creator: Matt January 11, 2010 1:00am
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Dec 8th, 2009
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OK, in hindsight maybe we should have done an update part way through... but we just couldn't stop! So this update is pretty darn big and packed full of new features to help you make the ultimate League of Legends build!

The Build Tool - Total Overhaul

The Champion Team Builder has been updated to make it easier and more efficient to create a build. Based on user interaction with the site and feedback from you we have revamped the whole interface to make it easier to create singe champion builds without sacrificing team build functionality.

Champion Displays - Total Overhaul

The team build display has had a total facelift and lots of new info added! Rune builds, item sequence builds and ability levels are all now available right on the page, including full stat calculations.

The display for single champion builds has been updated to better suit the purpose of a single champion. The old display was a take off from the team build and didn't really do the single champion build justice. The new interface puts more of the important data right on the screen so its easy to see at a glance what the build is trying to show.

Item Sequence Builds - New Feature!

Added Item Purchase Sequence tool to the site and team builder, displays on both team build and single build views.

Ability Level Builds - New Feature!

Added ability level tool to the Team Builder, displays on both team build and single build views.

Discussion Hub - New Feature!

We took all the discussion from around the site and organized it into a forum style Discussion Hub for easy viewing. You can open the thread right there on the page to see discussions you haven't read yet, or link straight to the page with the topic summarized to join in!

Browse & Champion Lists - Major Overhaul

We updated both the Browse Builds and Champion lists to make it easier for you to find the information you're looking for. New look and new filter controls, check it out!

Remember Me

Added a remember me feature to the login so you don't have to login everytime you come to the site.

Home Page

We added this new updates box to help keep you informed of the updates and changes to the site as well as some handy "view all" links to the build boxes.

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