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New "Complete" Builds Feature

Creator: Matt June 22, 2010 3:10pm
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Dec 8th, 2009
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We've taken our first step in implementing some of suggestions we received from DEWO's petition thread and from our survey! This update addresses a few issues, but most importantly the build description length requirement and spam builds.

We considered everyone's input and discussed it at length and we've decided not to implement a flat minimum description length. The reason for this is we still want users to be able to quickly post a build that they want to share with friends, without being forced to do a write-up.

Instead we have implemented checks when posting a build such that "complete" builds will get flagged. These builds will get highlighted in various places, so you will easily be able to tell them apart and they will get more attention. This should also encourage people to spend more time filling out their builds if they want to be seen. Additionally there is a new "threshold" filter on the browse page you can use to restrict search results to only those flagged as complete, or to further include partial, archived and/or guest builds in your results.

Currently, a build is considered "complete" when it has the following:

-A description of 300 characters or more.
-At least 1 champion added.

Additionally, every champion in the build must have the following:

-Both summoner spells chosen.
-All skill ranks assigned.
-All mastery points assigned.
-All runes filled.
-At least 3 items purchased.

This system is a trial for now and we will continue to tweak it. As such, we welcome your feedback! Let us know what you think here :)

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