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New Skin and Ziggs Bundles in the Upcoming Patch!

Creator: virago February 1, 2012 9:59pm
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Oct 30th, 2011
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Posted by RiotTobster on Wed, 2012-02-01

A volatile new presence has exploded into the League of Legends! And along with this
turbulent new champion, we’ve got an intimidating new look for Poppy, the Iron Ambassador.

Ziggs Bundles

Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert, has burst into the League, ready to unleash his explosive wrath upon the enemies of Bandle City! Packing a significant payload of high explosives, this yordle maniac stands ready to punish his enemies with an arsenal of area of effect attacks. For his ultimate, Ziggs launches a long-range Mega Inferno Bomb, blasting enemies in a large area while dealing additional damage to opponents located near the epicenter!

If you think that anyone handling this level or ordinance ought to be a military man, you’ll be pleased to find Major Ziggs sporting a sporting a bit of that armed forces flair. On the other hand, if you think that only a truly twisted mind would be capable of engineering such high output munitions, then Mad Scientist Ziggs might be more your speed.

Major Ziggs Bundle

If you happen to think that yordle looks sharp in some militaristic regalia, you’ll be pleased to know that you can pick up Major Ziggs for 50% off when you purchase the skin and champion together in the Major Ziggs Bundle.
- Ziggs Champion + Major Ziggs (normally 1950 RP) will be only 1462 RP

Ziggs Double Bundle

Of course, if you’ve got a burning passion for things that go boom, one skin might not be enough to keep satisfy you. For you true explosives enthusiasts, we’re rolling out the Ziggs Double Bundle!
- Ziggs Champion + Major Ziggs + Mad Scientist Ziggs (Normally 2925 RP) will be only 1950 RP

Like all champion bundles, the fuse is lit on these great deals and they’ll be blasting off into the sunset at the end of the weekend following the patch. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch these awesome skins at their reduced prices. Head on over to the League of Legends Store to take advantage of these great deals today!

Scarlet Hammer Poppy

If you’re looking for a fearsome take on the Iron Ambassador, then look no further than Scarlet Hammer Poppy. Sporting some menacing red armor alongside an impressive new hammer and helm, this is one yordle you won’t want to see charging at you one the Fields of Justice!

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