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Take a Gander at Me Latest Catch: Sales on...

Creator: virago April 30, 2012 8:55pm
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Oct 30th, 2011
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Take a Gander at Me Latest Catch: Sales on Skins and Champions

Avast summoners! ‘Tis I, Spooky Gangplank, with a fresh boatload ‘o skins and champeens fer ye! After risin' from me watery grave, I've plied the briny deep in search of new plunder and sent many a scurvy dog ta Davy Jones's locker. I've picked up more than a few treasures to offset me losses and I'm willin' ta share me catch with you landlubbers at a discount.

Take a gander at these skins and champions me hearties, and tell me if they be what yer lookin' for…

  • Trundle's stink could drop a gull at fifty paces, but there's no truer friend in a scrap. Even his drool comes in handy when swabbin' the decks. Pick him up fer just 487 RP.
  • Cho'Gath looks tough but he's really not so… all right, I wake up screamin' in me coffin at the very thought of him. Take him off me hands fer only 292 RP.
  • Kassadin comes with his own air supply… very handy fer scrapin' barnacles off the hull, and a bargain at 487 RP.

  • Imperial Lux is in the mix as well. Oh aye, Gangplank has seen the future… and it wears a red beret. Grab it fer 487 RP
  • Lord Mordekaiser isn't much on the open waves – that axe'll send him straight to the bottom – but on the fields, I'd think twice before temptin' his wrath. 487 RP and I'm cuttin' me own throat with that price.
  • Northern Front Swain seems snug as a crow's nest on a clear day in his winter furs. The frozen wastes are too cold fer the likes of me – ectoplasm freezes somthin' awful – so I'll never be able ta ask him where he got that hat. Grab him fer 487 RP.

These be fair deals and true, though they cannot last long: from May 1 to May 4 only. Then I'm shippin' out and I'm takin' them all with me. Act now, me hearties… ole Spooky Gangplank won't steer ye wrong!
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