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Update: Build pages, comment links and faster...

Creator: Matt July 22, 2010 4:08pm
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Dec 8th, 2009
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Hey guys, just released a few updates.

The read/unread system should finally be working perfectly on the forums. There is a new "mark all read" link at the top of every thread list, you can click it to mark everything read.

We've added paging to comments on builds, as some of them were getting very long which made it hard to follow things, and caused some longer load times.

We've added some convenience links. On the browse page, clicking the "latest 07-22-10" link in the comments column will jump straight to the last comment. Similarly, on the forum thread listing pages, clicking the name of the person in the far right column (or the orange flame icon for unread threads) will also jump to the last post.

It will also properly jump to the last post when you reply to a thread or a build :)

Finally, we have implemented a pile of caching over the last week. You should have noticed certain pages load MUCH faster.


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