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7 Essay Exam Questions - University

Creator: jhoijhoi November 9, 2012 2:51pm
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Mar 27th, 2012
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Canoas wrote:

So does the word "little". I know several people who were teased for being small, so now that word should be banned as well. And the word "stupid" even has more negative connotations attached then both of those together, so now "stupid" should be banned. "Normal" is also pretty bad, it's actually the most racist word in the entire world since it is used to define the boundaries of who is discriminated against or not.
Just to comment on the word ****** you used 3 discriminatory words in one single sentence.

On the other hand, people might get offended that such words are banned because to ban them you are acknowledging that such words are inherently offensive when they aren't which is considered racism.
But hey, if you're going to start banning words that can be used offensively then I can get you a pretty big list. Punish people for being offensive, not for saying words that may or may not be used offensively.

Even though I don't agree with canoas's aggression, he does have a point. Almost any word can become a discrimination if you want it to be, instead of considering which words discriminate you should be considering why words discriminate. I can call my friend a niggah, and he'll mess with me but he won't really care. Simply because he knows I'm not serious.
You see, it is simply the amount of "connections" as such a person has to another that defines what is a discrimination and what is not. Less connections = more chance of it being taken as discrimination. It doesn't have to do with your tone either, because people see more into the actual words.
Woops, bell rang. Didn't get time to finish, but yeah :/
thanks Hogopogo for the banner :D
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