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Begone pain in the eye!

Creator: Searz July 9, 2012 2:15pm
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Jun 6th, 2010
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After reading one too many articles and watching one too many videos on the white pages ****ing everywhere on the web hurting my eyes with their unnecessarily bright backgrounds I simply had enough and decided to find a solution.

I found a few Stylish(addon) styles that help.
About:blank black - Turns the blank page that sometimes flashes by black instead of white.
Nightshift eye care - Turn on whenever you get to a blindingly bright site. Not the best solution though, since it borks things on the sites.
Google Matrix - Adds a really cool animated style to Google. (it's also done in CSS(I think) so it should be easy on the performance)

Dark style for Youtube - I found this awesome style for youtube that removes all the eye-hurting. Problem is that it has an UGLY background, so I just went into the code and made a quick change to the background. To use it; install it, then go addons->user styles->edit. Type "" into the "Find" box and replace that URL with this "" or any other background you'd like.

I found a pretty nice dark theme for Firefox.
Note: Fabtabs doesn't work well with this theme. Just go to Fabtab options and uncheck the box saying "Color all the toolbars below the tabs" to solve the problems.

I found this sorta incomplete Greasemonkey script that I added. It turns white backgrounds black. I changed a few things and added functionality changing the text color to white when the page turns black, but it doesn't seem to work (or maybe I'm just using it on the wrong sites). Anyone here good with (java)scripting/HTML?
Click "New user script", write some random name into the name box, remove the text in the "Includes (One per line)" box, then rightclick on the script and replace all the code with the code below.
Code here:

I also made some very nice changes to my Windows colors. Now 90% of the colors in my Windows are Cyan and Black/Gray. **** YEEE
Here's how my new themes look.

Please add any things you have found to help.

"Blizzard spoke thus; Thou shalt not BM. And the players replied Nay, I shall Play my hand with Lethal already on the board. And so Blizzard sent unto them this Brawl of Yogg, As a lesson for their sins of Pride and Greed, for he is the Prophet of Madness and RNG. On that day, the tavern descended into an era of chaos and darkness, until the weekend passed and everyone forgot all about it. Amen. Book of SMOrc, Verse 20, Chapter 4." - Feam T

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