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Guide Vote Coin Flipping

Creator: Canoas
July 14, 2012 8:33pm
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Post the name of one of your guides in this topic and I'll vote on it. The voting process is entirely random. I'll flip a coin, catch and invert it, and repeat the process 3 times. The side that ends up facing upwards twice will determine the type of vote. By default, "heads" awards an upvote and "tails" awards a downvote, but you are free to choose the opposite as long as you specify it in the post.

Nightmare mode: You can choose another member's guide along with yours. This extra guide will receive the opposite vote as your guide. However, if the first coin flip is a downvote you lose instantly.

Only guides with over 75% score are accepted. If nightmare mode is chosen, only guides under 89% can be chosen as the extra guide.

Disclaimer: The member who placed the bet is responsible for any physical or emotional damages caused. I reserve the right to deny this service to a specific guide or member as I see fit. Retrials are not accepted, awarded votes cannot be changed unless chosen with nightmare mode.
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