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I got my brother an HTC Vive

Creator: Ninja Trigger March 5, 2018 8:06pm
Ninja Trigger
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Jul 12th, 2012
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So my little brother just upgraded to a new computer and I helped out by getting him a HTC Vive for his birthday.

Just making this Thread to see if anyone here has a HTC Vive, or a VR set up of any kind and just to get game suggestions, or just opinions in general.

So far he has
Fallout 4 VR
Richie's Plank Experience
Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality
and Downward Spiral: Prologue

I will be down-loading a bunch of free ones for him while he's at work tomorrow, and I'm off work so I will be playing it all day so send me some suggestions

Also if you suggest a game and I get around to playing it, I may just end up reviewing a bunch of them here
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