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Inside Joke with Yourself...

Creator: Amazing Monkey
June 26, 2012 10:54pm
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Ever have one of those times where you're doing something by yourself and a weird thought comes through your head or you see something funny? Post it here, I'll start:

I was biking and I saw this hobo giving me and awkward look. Now, the part of town was notorious for gatherings of hobos. So I was thinking to myself his buddies are waiting to jump me just down the road, not serious of course. Then I was like, would they communicate? I mean, hobos don't usually have cell phones. So I thought of this weird, biker-homeless guy cupping his hands letting out some sort of bird call. I can't get that thought of my mind now lol.

And that, my friends, is an inside joke with myself.

If you felt I contributed and stuff, can I have a (+1 Rep =3)?
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