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MCM Expo London (ExCel Centre)

Creator: Samoh
February 14, 2012 6:36am
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So, this is the UK's version of Comic con, and I was wondering if anyone else here who is from the UK is attending, as it would be an awesome chance to meet anyone who is. If you don't know about the MCM expo, and you are from the UK then you can check it out (it's the biggest anime/manga/gaming/cosplay event in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, usually around 60k people attend) here and here. Personally I attend every so often, this year it's happening on May 25th-May 27th and I'll be attending the Saturday & Sunday convention days, and hopefully the party on Saturday. So if anyone here is going fell free to discuss it here and perhaps we can say hello, and if anyone is interested in going feel free to ask me any questions about travel, or costs or what to bring, where to stay.
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