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Now is a good time to buy an SSD

Creator: Searz
October 24, 2012 9:58am
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Most of you are probably holding off getting SSDs just because of the prices and known unreliabilities, but those are very much subject to change and I think now is the perfect time to have a go at an SSD.

Samsung is known for making EXTREMELY durable SSDs. Their controllers are easily the best on the market right now.
Their 830 256GB was able to write roughly 5PETABYTES before crashing completely(more info at the bottom of this page). Light users write ~1GB per day, while heavy users write maybe 20GB per day.
That's a lifetime of ~10,000 to ~500 years under that usage. Now other things on the HDD will probably go awry before you reach those limits as they only take load into account.
The lifetime of their 830 series is probably upwards 20 years all in all, I think. Of course depending on a lot of things, like load, temperature, PSU and luck.

TL;DR: Samsung SSDs do not crash often.

Since Samsung is now releasing a new series of SSDs - the 840 series - the prices on their 830 is plummeting and you can get their 256GB disk for a very cheap sum. They might go even lower, but I've heard talk about flash memory being used more during the next months, so the prices might also go up.

256GB of very fast and very reliable storage for 170$ is awesome and I know I'm gonna be buying at least one of those disks.

The 840 series introduce TLC memory to bring prices down, which doesn't have as long "lifetime" as the MLC of 830. This is not a problem in the future since they're still reasonably reliable at ~7years for the 250GB and they will go down in price, but since the 830 is about as quick as the 840 while also being cheaper and more reliable, I'd definitely go for the 830. (200$ vs 170$)

The 840 PRO will feature MLC memory and be considerably faster than the 830 while being just as reliable though. The only problem being that they will also be much more expensive. (270$ vs 200$ vs 170$, for the 840 PRO, 840 and 830 respectively)

TL;DR: Buy a 256GB Samsung 830 series if you're interested in an SSD. It's cheap(for an SSD), fast and very reliable.
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aww yeah, I might get that.

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