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Puzzle Fighter Mobile

Creator: Ninja Trigger December 4, 2017 2:46pm
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Ninja Trigger
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Jul 12th, 2012
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So the other night when I was going to bed I saw that they made a new Puzzle Fighter game for Mobile, and I'm like hell yeah I love Puzzle Fighter and there are two puzzle fighter arcade machines that I know of in my state that both run the original Japanese version of the game and I can often beat the whole game on just a single life.

But is the Mobile version any good? Well it's not real puzzle fighter... that doesn't mean that it's bad it's just that they made a lot of changes to the game, some good most bad.

In the original you beat your opponents by filling their screen with gems, so just build combos and chains and your good to go.

However with the re-make you win by depleting their life bar so it's more like a fighting game, but you get these dumb cards that you can upgrade with in game gold, which grinding for is beyond slow or yes real money to make your moves stronger; so yes you can see why I'm pissed enough to make a thread about this. However call me guilty because I bought the 500 gem starter pack that came with some gold, gems and a chest just to see how much of an advantage I would get and the answer is not much for just 5 bucks so I plopped another 2.99 on another bundle with a chest and got another character unlocked just to test the waters of pay to win so far as of right now it's not a huge advantage but it's there it's really only evident when two players of equal skill clash and one fighter is paid to level 11, and the other is a free to play, player who took the time to grind to level 8, now don't get me wrong the game is still heavily skill biased so I can still beat someone who sank a lot of money into the game who just sucks at puzzle fighter, but I'm going to try to hit high level to see if it really makes a difference there. So far I have climbed the ladder to low silver after 2 days and only 35 wins playing a few matches after work and before bed, and with only 5-10 loses, most of the loses due to Jill players messing up my combos because of her passive/attack/something that turns non timer gems into timer gems before I could place my last gems needed to finish my combo... In other words straight up Bull Spit, ha you thought I was going to say *********. Kinda of think how Karma use to be able to shield minions so you would mess up your last hitting, but times that by a 100%

I'm still going to play it just to see how far I can go with it, waiting for missions and E-Hondas shop to refill so I can get the most ingame currency out of it with out having to waste anymore money on it

if you want to add me

**** I did it again and messed up the polling system Playing was supposed to be an option not a title................... Oh well who cares
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