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Real champions

Creator: Dzopilant January 6, 2018 5:54pm
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Nov 10th, 2017
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We have lots of fun playing powerful champions and by extension probably like manga, anime and action movies.

But is there some amazing champions in reality ?

These are my 2 favorite champions because both seems to come out from a movie despite they really exist :

N° 2 : Buakaw, the destroyer cyborg (Muay Thai + Kick boxing : 322 wins / 68 losses, he is the closest to "Danny the dog" movie having real tough times within his own club and came a long way from poverty)

N° 1 : Saenchai, the kindest funniest most amazing champion (Muay Thai : 307 wins / 23 losses, world champion in 5 divisions, 20 years without being KO which is just unbelievable in Muay Thai, he is already 37 years old but just had a victory series of 33 consecutive wins since end of 2014)

Because it is more about Art than efficiency, i prefer to take away all MMA / UFC from dat thread.

And you ? is there another champion of dat level you like and wish to share ?

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