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Who likes cooking and watching cooking videos?

Creator: xxIAMLEGENDxx November 2, 2014 10:23pm
xxIAMLEGENDxx's Forum Avatar
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May 13th, 2012
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Hi guys! I know this is like a League of Legends oriented site but I am clearly here to just talk about off topic stuff. Anyways let me get to the point, I was hoping you guys could support me on my youtube channel where I post cooking videos. I am a chef to be in the future and of course I view Youtube and my channel as I guess a first step progress for my career. I guess you could say I do these videos for 'fun' and not entirely for money (just yet). However, I'd truly appreciate your support.


I hope I am not asking too much here, but anything from viewing just a single video to subscribing (if you wish to support me) and all that will definitely make a world of difference for me. I know I am not professional or anything but I am just extremely committed in achieving my dream.

But hey, drop me an inbox here on mobafire if you wish, anything about LoL , me as a person , cooking etc you name it! Let me know what you think of the videos! (I honestly think they're worth making)

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Jul 15th, 2011
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I only watch Robbaz when he is cooking, and epic meal time as well :D

I'll give you a follow, if i get hungry.
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Jul 17th, 2013
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The only food related shows I watch are Gordon Ramsey's and Man vs. Food

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