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Zen Gaming and the Art of Electronic Sports

Creator: zenleegaming April 30, 2013 10:56pm
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Apr 30th, 2013
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Hello Friends I just published my first book, "Zen Gaming and the Art of Electronic Sports."

This book is considered the bible of eSports and is doing a great job bringing AWARENESS to negative gaming habits. It also levels up gaming abilities with Zen techniques and high level gaming secrets.

Here is a helpful review:
Southard's book is based on a straightforward thesis: the tenants of Zen spirituality and development of a clear mind and body can help you maximize your potential as a gamer. On the surface, this seems like a self-evident premise: a clear mind and body will hone the skills and be essential to realizing potential in every aspect of life. That it is introduced into the environment of gaming is what makes it not just a guide, but a pioneering ideal.

I, personally, have been a gamer since the early 80s. The culture of gaming has been a frontier that has grown rather than been conquered over time. From its inception there was a small niche of popularity but as technology has allowed its demographics to expand and appeal to peak, the landscape has become wilderness in the literal sense - it is not always incorrectly perceived and often celebrated as a wild den of uncontrolled language, violence, exploitation, even to the point of bullying and exclusion in some rare and vicious examples of online and competitive gaming.

The important step that the culture of gaming has to make in order to merge with world culture, and truly earn the respect it deserves, lies very much in parallel with the tenants Southard lays out as a personal philosophy, that starts with you, and pragmatic, time-tested exercises that you can begin practicing immediately not just to develop a flexible and powerful skill set, but to become a force of change in the industry and culture itself by the disciplined lack of resistance to the negative forces that gaming has become infamous for.

Southard notes astutely a parallel between gaming success and Zen mentality: when faced with the frustrations of a gaming experience, be it a controller-throwing mistake or a trash-talking troll, the average person will harden up with resistance, then crack and splinter in a seemingly hopeless spiral downward of skill as the gaming rage rises.

Southard's philosophies are therefore geared to help any gamer perceive these moments before they even happen, and become liquid, passing through every crack and crevice when met with the walls of obstructing forces.

By identifying the parallels of Zen mentality and Gaming skill, Southard is able to merge the two with adaptations of Zen parables into a Gaming jargon to show the reader that the two worlds can be one and the same, and from example, lays out practices that are simple to accomplish, but endless in their mastery and reward, for a personalized gaming experience that can quite simply change the world's perception of what gaming is for the better.

And it can start with you, and your personal success in spirit, skill, and reward.


I've attached the first three levels, you can also purchase a hard copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Together we can clean up the world of eSports and evolve gaming to its highest level full of fun and enjoyment.

If you enjoy the book please like Zen Gaming and the Art of Electronic Sports on Facebook.

If you would like a free eBook copy please e-mail me at Hard copies are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I am also putting together an international team of LoL players to compete worldwide. See my recruitment post or contact me for more information.
Lee Southard

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