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A new tactics for a solotop Skarner

Creator: AsEtherealCN April 11, 2015 6:27am
AsEtherealCN's Forum Avatar
Apr 11th, 2015
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nowadays at the LPL in China heroes like Hecarim and Maokai ( who those casts much in lane , but the damage per hit is relatively low ) show up in the match . And Skarner is just as the skill spammer as Hecarim does . Due to his tanky skill and hybrid DPS ability , i'd like to biuld him with these 4 items : Luden's Echo , Righteous Glory, Ice Gauntlet and Nashor's Tooth (teeth?) . I've tried Skarner with Statikk Shiv , but it get charged far slower than LE (one hit with Shiv can charge 10 points , but every cast charges LE 20 points) . Glory can ludicrously increase his pioneering ability when starrting a team fight and boost his HP and mana , let alone it reduces mana-hungry during the laning . And he can both get boosted by AS and CDR , also Gauntlet brings him tons of CC . But here comes the question: by what sequence should i get these items in the game ? Is there any critical shortcomings to buy the LE , an item that boosts no survivability and Skarner get only the big bonus that his Exoskeleton has 0.8 AP ratio .
That's all to discuss .
Crunchy Wartaco
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Apr 13th, 2015
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I've tried him AP, hybrid and AD. He has a sweet early boost with AP but he needs more AP items to be effective over AD and then he gets squished. AD tank/offtank seems to be his sweet spot for me
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Jun 6th, 2013
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I prefer going Iceborn gauntlet and then either Hydra for split pushing or Bortk for tank killing/dueling, then righteous glory and other tank items from there

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