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AD Ranged Support Champion Idea

Creator: ShallowGallows July 5, 2012 8:20pm
ShallowGallows's Forum Avatar
Jul 5th, 2012
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So I have seen a lot of AD support champs (Malphite, Volibear, etc.) but I have never seen an AD Ranged Support whose main purpose was support and cc. I've also never seen a champion with a whip before. Thus I present my champion idea.

Abel/Beatrice: The Whip Master (working title)

His/her main role would be a ranged disruptor caster whose job it was to knock the enemy team around the field with his/her whip and apply various cc effects. The whip's range would of course be limited (it's not a bullet) but here is what I was thinking for preliminary set of skills.

His/Her ultimate has a similar effect of Nidalee's (in the regard that he get's a different move set) but only temporarily.

(Passive) Snap, Crack, n' Pop: Abel/Beatrice's whip gets deadlier with range. The damage dealt by Abel/Beatrice's abilities to enemy champions increases with distance. At full range, the whip will also applies a 1 second stun that cannot be applied to the same champion within a 15 second interval.

(R) Vicious Tether: Abel/Beatrice reaches out with their whip towards the direction thrown. If it makes contact with a champion, the champion is suspended and for the next 5 seconds, Abel/Beatrice can use a new Q, W, or E

(Q) Cobra's Bite/ Come Hither: Abel/Beatrice extend their whip out in a straight line, hitting everything in the line's path for damage. If the end of the whip comes in contact with a minion or champion, they become poisoned for a time.

If the Champion is grappled, Abel/Beatrice yank the champion towards them for damage.

(W) Discipline/ Out of My Way: Abel/Beatrice cracks the whip as a sign in a fit of fury to a selected champion. If the champion is friendly (including himself), they get an attack damage bonus for their next basic. If him/her, he applies the blind effect on his/her next basic attack. If enemy, he demoralizes them and they have a temp drop in armor.

If an enemy champion is grappled, Abel/Beatrice tosses the champion to the side as he/she dashes forward.

(E) 10,000 Lashes/ Whiplash: Abel/Beatrice rapidly hits an area in a cone in front of him/her. If the end of the whip connects, it will apply the slow effect.

If an enemy champion is grappled, Abel/Beatrice slams the enemy champion into the ground stunning them and knocking up all surrounding enemies.

I'm unsure of what his/her lore would be but this is my idea. If you have any suggestions or changes, i'm all ears.
The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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That champion has a lot of CC.
You know, if you'd have been a bit
earlier, you may well have been the source
of inspiration for Nautilus.

Also, what about LuLu? She can have pretty
vicious auto-attacks, because of her passive.
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May 11th, 2012
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What I'm seeing here though is something that will scale into the late game and provide a significant source of damage and crowd control. Lulu does not deal tons of damage from her passive, while the passive outlined in this post would allow for a huge amount of damage to be dealt from the support
ispypatrick's Forum Avatar
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Jul 14th, 2013
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Update: it's June 2014, there still is not a moba game with a whip champion, if there was, I would download that game and play it instead of league. So much want.
FantasySniper's Forum Avatar
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Dec 21st, 2013
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Ashe and Thresh overlap severely with a CC-centric ranged support.

BTW, nice necro, I actually enjoyed seeing an idea like this. I want a whip champion to Discipline me in lane :P
If you want to help me, teach me.
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Jan 25th, 2011
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So I have seen a lot of AD support champs (Malphite, Volibear, etc.)

Let me stop you right there champ
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