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An Idea for a Twisted Fate Change, And Gage,...

Creator: MegaMeister March 5, 2012 9:14pm
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Mar 5th, 2012
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Hello, I'm MegaMeister and ive been playing LoL for about a month and a half now. Still learning some things and enjoying the game.

So first i want to start out with an idea for changes to Twisted Fate, cause, imo, TF is straight up terrible.

So here's an idea i have

Increase the duration of Destiny's sight by 6 seconds, reduce the cool down by 5 seconds, and make the teleportation and the vision separate from one another I.E: i cast it, warp and it still grants vision
Drop Loaded Dice, Make stacked Deck his passive,

Make Pick a card a set skill where you click the hot key to change the card rather than it flipping on its own, and let the card chosen influence the percentage of wild cards thrown of that color

Give Wild Card special effects for the color of card thrown

Red = Bonus Armor/ Magic Penetration for each enemy hit

Blue= Reduced Movement Speed

Yellow = Spell Vamp

Replace Stacked Deck's skill slot with a new skill: Bluff

Bluff will work as both a passive and active skill

- The passive will increase Twisted Fates stats the lower his HP, and grant minor damage reduction (3 percent a rank)
- The active will cause Twisted Fate to explode into a small twister of cards, allowing him to move wherever he clicks within a radius, and increasing his movement speed once he reassembles

The passive bonus won't be available while the skill is in cool down

NEW CHAMPION IDEA: Gage, The Gravity Gunner
Type: Tank, Ranged, Support
Gender: Male
Race: Yordle


"The bigger they are, the farther they'll fly"
- Nara; upon giving Gage the gravity rifle

Unlike other Yordles who allowed technology to handle most laboring tasks, Gage perfered to do said tasks himself.Gage was the son of a prominent scientist who tinkered with machines to manipulate weight. Unlike his sister Nara, The science his father studied didn't allure him. He made a living working as a laborer for a moving company, and, instead of using machines to lift heavy furniture such as couches and clothes dressers, he lifted them by himself, with his bare hands. Gage was physically stronger than most yordles, and more hot headed than them as well; he somehow always managed to get into a fight. One day after helping with a questionable move to Noxus, Gage stopped at a tavern to have a drink. An Abnormally large man, nearly 7 times Gages height, with a bald head, and red beard exited the tavern as Gage entered, and carelessly knocked him to the side. Gage, now enraged, confronted the man and demanded an apology. The man payed him no attention. Gage then approached him, determined to get his apology, and the man turned and struck him down with great ease. With foolhardy pride, Gage went after the man, striking a blow at the shin of his knee. The man, now enraged as well, turned to face Gage and slammed both of his hands down at him. Gage met the mans hands with his own, and managed to hold the man back. After 2 minutes of struggling, Gages arms began to grow sore, as well as his back, and after another minute, his spine began to tingle. In his current state, Gage began to lose strength, and the man overwhelmed him; after the finishing blow everything went black. Gage awoke to find himself in a hospital bed, with his Sister Nara sitting beside him. He had suffered a near life threatening spinal injury, and he could barely feel his legs. After a few days of recuperation, Gage returned home to hear news about the League Of Legends, and Champions from his home who were taking part in it to preserve the piece of his people, while this didn't interest him at first, a familiar figure appeared, the man at the Noxus Tavern. Donning a Mechanical Suit to give him back his mobility, Gage chose to enter the league with a rifle that his sister crafted in memory of their father.

His mission, Protect Bandle City, and enact revenge upon the man at the Tavern, Gragas.

PASSIVE: Momentum Shift
- Gage creates an aura that reduces the duration of slows and disables for himself and his team.

Q: Desperado

- Gage fires a barrage of bullets in front of him (Similar to corki's vulcan)Dealing Set Damage + Attack Damage. while firing, Gage's Armor and Magic Resist increase, and he gains Tenacity and movement speed after the attack ends

W: Sky Toss

- Gage Fires a ray of energy from his rifle, Grabbing the first enemy champion in its range lifting them into the air for 1.5 seconds. In this time frame, Gage can toss the champion a set distance depending on how close they are too him. This Attack Deals set damage + Ability Power

E: Debri Shield

Gage fires a blast of Gravitational energy at himself or an ally, reducing incoming damage by a set amount. If cast on himself, Gage can click the hot key again to toss the debri, dealing set damage + Attack Damage for each debri

R: Velocity Shield

- Gage Creates a Shield around himself that converts damage into mana drain for a set duration. While active, surrounding allies get increased movement speed and attack speed.
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Mar 23rd, 2012
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I think your TF change idea is really good, but would make him a little to OP, especially with stacked deck as a passive.
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Apr 3rd, 2012
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I personally dont think the whole "Stacked Deck" as a passive thing is a good idea......It would make AD Twisted Fate pretty hard to stop, as he would no longer have to spend skill points on it. "Bluff" is a cool idea, and I would prefer it over Wild Cards.

Your champion sounds abit overpowered in terms of fighting, and abit clunky to use. His passive works like a Tenacity steroid for all his nearby teamates(you didnt put a power/percentage on it, so I have to assume its about 20%). Desperado is interesting, as it allows Gage to have Tenacity without an actual Tenacity item....however, it just feels out of place with his passive. Debri Shield looks abit clunky, and you didnt put how many "Debri" Gage can actually shoot. Sky Toss sounds fine, if the time spent in the air scales with it's level.

His ultimate sounds perfectly fine, if you can explain what mana drain is......would that be he takes damage aimed at him, and turns it into mana? Or does the damage go to his mana instead of his health?
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Feb 25th, 2012
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I dont like the Twisted Fate idea because then he can no longer be a good AD champ without Stacked Deck. But I do like the Wild Cards idea
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Aug 10th, 2010
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TF is "fine". He's a niche pick. His ulti nerf turned him from OMG I CAN DO THINGS, to OMG I CAN KINDA DO THINGS BUT IM NOT AS GOOD AS I WAS.

If you've only been playing for a month, I highly doubt you've acquired enough understanding of LoL to truly be able to make an opinion on any currently available (and or soon to be released) champions.

**** I've been playing for a very long time now and I still don't have the amount depth or understanding to TRULY grasp all the intricacies of LoL.

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