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Avarice Quints on Poppy?

Creator: JBucketzEsq May 3, 2012 12:03pm
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Apr 28th, 2012
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Been playing alot of Poppy lately, and I have been struggling to find the ideal rune setup for me. Movespeed quints definitely seem solid, and I've also been playing around with Armor/MR quints as well as health regen quints. However, it seems to me like quints dont make or break the game for poppy, or have quite as much effect on her as they do on other people.

The whole name of the game for poppy is getting your core items built and making it to mid/late game. At that point u CAN destroy people. So the thought crossed my mind, why not run avarice quints on her (maybe even also go deeper into utility to get the gp10 stuff). Again, this might not be ideal, but I think it could work to get her a fast philostone, faster sheen, and deals a little with her problems of not being able to farm well early levels.

What do you think?
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May 7th, 2012
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Avarice runes will allow you to generate more gold yes, but if you're again someone who stomps you and you can't survive it you will end up losing more cs that the quints are worth.

I would normally go 8.5 ad (for some last hitting power) and either 32 armor or 31 magic resist depending on the enemy, you can farm safe with these runes and if you build the double gp/10 (Philo, HoG) you will get some ideal gold and survive your lane

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