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Awesome Upcoming Champon!!!

Creator: cfreezie February 23, 2013 1:58pm
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Feb 23rd, 2013
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The Character is exactly like Dr. Jackyl and Mr. Hyde. He is a tank support much like Shen. You start out with Dr. Jackyl and unlock his moves which are, (Q)- fear potion. Fear potion makes Dr. Jackyl throw a vial at the enemy and on contact fears them for 2 seconds and does some damage. (W)- inject. The move can be used on yourself which increases attack damage and attack speed for a short duration or inject an enemy which reduces their attack speed and increases their cooldowns by 2 seconds. (W)- Strangle. Strangle is an move in which you grab the enemy stunning them for 1.5 seconds and doing a decent amount of damage. His ULT would be Dr. Jackyl Transforming into Mr. Hyde which amplifies all of his moves he has while he is Dr. Jackyl and would last a certain amount of time.

How cool would this character be? please respond with names for the character or other moves you think would be cool for this character :) thank you for reading.

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