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Creator: TheSilverVeil June 22, 2017 5:30pm
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Jun 5th, 2017
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Ball is a character which represents the most empty and simple character with no stats or anything of that nature. The idea is that people could create a build for ball on this website and the builds are builds which better explain the mechanics behind the combination of items and not forcing the build to be set to a unique champion. An example is how zzrot can be used to lane push while giving any character some defense. Ball might not have skills to worry about, but, runes and masterys.

Here is the idea in a nutshell. This allows people to make a build for a set of runes and masteries, focusing more on item mechanics to illuminate various things about items, other than focusing on champion mechanics. Do you think it's intelligent if champions were just "given" items automatically and had no other items they could use? This would make the game extremely simple and it would be much more difficult to measure someone beyond how they use their own champions mechanics, which isn't what the game is about. MOBA games are about strategy, not the individual character. This is how they started. As they evolve, the aren't evolving based on what people want out of a MOBA, but, based on people trying to make it easier for themselves to win, which takes away skill. I'v been outran as master yi with boots and stacked movement speed items as well as the summoner spell ghost and heal. Master yi use to be the character that outran "everybody". Now he can't even get a kill unless he singles out a target, which he can't even catch half the time because of all the escapes. So my idea focusing on items more than champions because this is all I really care about, basic mechanics for various runes and masteries. I also noticed some masteries that aren't gemstones are extremely important to some builds. This isn't emphasised enough in guides as much as people talking about themselves, which I don't care about.


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