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Bloodstone Taric?

Creator: EndTheWorld
August 24, 2012 3:28am
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I’ve been having a think about Bloodstone Taric recently.
I bought him while he was in the sale because I hard main Taric and I must have all of his skins. It’s a little obsession thing I have, when I find a character I really like, I gotta have everything to do with them.

However, after a few games of playing with Bloodstone, it didn’t feel right.
The splash art looks so badass, but it’s kinda let down by having the same quotes and voice. So, I thought, what would I fix? How would I change it so it’s as awesome as it could be? I came up with the following:

His voice should have a reverb on it and be a little gruffer, but not too much. We want to keep the calm tone that he usually displays, but having that sounding slightly corrupted would be… quite simply amazing.

He needs some new quotes.
Hearing someone like Bloodstone Taric say stuff like
”Ruby for vigour.”
…yeah, it doesn’t fit. I came up with these:


“Diamonds are formed under great pressure.”
”Bloodstone for slaughter.”
”Obsidian for darkness.”
“Onyx for power.”
”Malachite for the unbreaking.”
”You will not be missed.”
“Do not underestimate gemstones.”
“You are weak.”
“Gems are all-powerful.”
“There are no such imperfections on my armour.”

“You are but glass. So fragile…”

”Gems are not a joke.”

Also, the gems for his Shatter Passive sort of need to be red, too. It just looks wrong when all of his gems are red and so is the effect of Radiance, yet his Shatter gems are still clear.
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I agree. That's pretty much all I can say. :P
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Xenotechie » August 24, 2012 4:11am | Report
That's pretty much a legendary skin upgrade. And it would be bloody awesome.

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