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Champ Idea: mana manipulating support

Creator: Metomage November 1, 2020 5:58am
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Nov 1st, 2020
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So the idea was to make a champ that helps with ADC mana pools in early and late game, the downside would be that he/she would not be able to do much on their own. The entire purpose of this champ is to make the lives of ADCs easier. Also the range on all abilities besides ult and maybe passive would be the range of ranged aa(maybe a bit more or less depending on balance) and also their Q and R wouldn't work on champions without mana or with other resources
I have no ideas outside the kit but if possible I would make them be a traveling mage that assists people he meets and avoids combat. They would also be old friends of Ryze back from the rune wars, hence why they avoid using magic for combat purposes.

Sharing power; Should a buff of any kind be applied to this champ, ally champs in an area would receive this buff at 50% power and 100% duration. (Let's say you get shielded by someone for 300hp for 3 seconds, everyone around you then also gets shielded for 150hp for 3 seconds. This also boosts the efficiency of support items, tho the range of this passive would have to be shorter than ranged aa range probably. It can also be useful to ADCs that can buff themselves and the support since now they get a second buff at half power.)

Ability 1:
Magic gift; Give some of your mana to an ally (nothing to really explain here, the ability makes you the ADCs back up mana pool)
Mana given:50/100/150/200/250

Ability 2:
Mana link; Create a link with an ally, when is active, the ally gains additional attack damage and ability damage(a flat amount of damage added to their abilities) based on your mana pool. (Using this basically gets buffs the damage output of your ally for a short period and it has synergy with your 3. ability)
Bonus damage given to aa:1%/2%/3%/4%/5% of your max mana (could be current for balance purposes but i think max is ok)
bonus damage given to abilities:2%/4%/6%/8%/10% of your max mana (33% efficient with AoE and tick damage)
duration:3/4/5/6/7/8 seconds (if they wander too far away it breaks instantly)
cooldown: 20s at all ranks

Ability 3:
Link pull; They would instantly blink to an ally, if the ally has mana link on them they get pulled to you instead. (This ability serves as your "press in case of danger" ability but it also serves as "my adc went too deep" ability to save your adc from turret dives and such)

Ultimate Ability:
Archmages Blessing; This ability has a passive and an active. The passive is additional mana and mana regen to your entire team(for those that have mana), and the active is a global shield based on your mana.
bonus mana:300,600,900
bonus mana regen:1%/2%/3% of max mana
Shield value: 15%/20%/25% of your max mana
Shield duration:3/4/5s
Cooldown: 180/150/120s

So that's the kit idea. You would build them with as much mana as possible and some support items since you don't care about ability power or attack damage. The base stats would be lower than usual health but good mana pool with low resistances. Other builds could include manamune ADC build and tank builds since tank items can give good mana.

I figured it would be cool to see a champion who only scales with mana because their builds would be all over the place and it would really be up to the preference of the player for most of them. I also didn't want to make them super powerful or anything, just wanted them to make the early game of adcs easier and make your team more mana efficient with the downside of sacrificing all damage from their kit. I think this setup is also easy to balance and they wouldn't be a must pick since a few champs don't even have mana and their kit doesn't have any healing. Hopefully the new item changes won't kill this design completely.

This is my first post here and I hope I did alright, please let me know what you guys and gals think would be better for this design, you can also design their story and stuff since i didn't have any really good ideas and tell me if you think it's too powerful or weak and why. And should you repost this somewhere please just mention me as the og creator.
Ty for your time and have a wonderful day!
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Jul 10th, 2019
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep November 7, 2020 10:38am | Report
This is a cool and fun idea as a concept but I doubt it would be very practical. Soraka used to have the ability to give others mana and it was removed. The problem is that most champions don't really have mana issues anymore and Riot is only going further in that direction. It would be so difficult to make him/her viable in all situations considering that most new champions don't even use mana. It would be a really cool pairing with champs like Ezreal, Varus, etc. But it would probably be pretty useless in most other scenarios. It would still be a really fun playstyle though and it's a cool idea. Maybe it could work if there was some way to make the champ viable with non-mana champs. I really like champs like this that just have completely unique mechanics and playstyles and I wish Riot would make more champions with new mechanics like this.
820BASS's Forum Avatar
Nov 13th, 2020
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep November 16, 2020 5:49am | Report
I'm sure if this existed, there would be lanes with yuumi that would struggle though lanning phase and be broken af once it comes to teamfights. I does sound pretty cool. maybe it wouldnt be the worst idea to have some sort of cc in the kit too.

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