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Champion Concept - Meredith Kalii, the Weapons...

Creator: kfcxbear February 4, 2014 10:28am
kfcxbear's Forum Avatar
Feb 1st, 2014
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Friend asked for a bruiser so here she is. Not completely done with her, but like to hear your thoughts all :)

Name: Meredith Kalii, the Weapons Specialist
A single beam of light illuminates the raven haired woman kneeling in the center of the darkened interior of the council chamber. The crimson and violet hued armor of the Crimson Elite fits tightly on her lithe yet powerful form. Two swords are belted to both sides of her waist while a long staff and a deadly maul are sheathed in a cross formation upon her back. Despite the weight of these weapons she remained in her current position for three hours without so much as a quiver of exhaustion.
A raspy voice cuts cleanly into the silence and commands, “Rise, Meredith Kalii, Captain of the Crimson Elite.”
Meredith’s movements are fluid, revealing no hint of fatigue. Her long dark hair parts naturally as she stands, revealing an attractive face save for the large scar that runs from her chin and up the right side of her cheek. Blue eyes, resembling the color and frigidness of sea ice, stare calmly into the darkness before her as she waits for further acknowledgement from the unseen voice.
Minutes tick slowly away in oppressive silence before the faceless voice speaks again, “We’ve received your request, Captain. It is a rather selfish one, is it not?”
An image of a fierce woman with short white hair lunging at an unseen foe while wielding a broken blade appears out of the gloom. “This is your target, Captain?”
Meredith flicks her gaze over at the image and offers a single nod. The suddenly clenched fists at her side are the only outward indication at the anger welling up within her.
Silence fills the room once again as her unseen host takes the moment to contemplate a response.
“Very well, permission granted. Do bring her back in one piece, Captain.”
“It will be done, General.” Meredith offers a crisp salute towards the darkness before turning to leave through the doors opening behind her. As she is passing through the portal a towering man waiting outside turns towards her.
“It’s a rare sight to see the Captain Kalii; I take it from that grin on your face that things went well?”
“Yes, Lord Darius. I get a chance to bring my baby home… and kill the ***** that broke her.”

Base Stats:
Passive – Re-equip:
Meredith has in her possession three favored weapons in which she is highly proficient with. Depending on which weapon she is currently using, her fighting style changes.
Twin Swords – While equipped with her twin swords, Meredith gains 15% increased attack speed.
Long staff – While equipped with her long staff, Meredith’s basic attack range increases 200.
Maul – While equipped with her maul, Meredith gains +10% critical strike chance.

Q – Twin Swords/Flourish:
First Cast: Meredith whips out her twin swords blocking the next basic attack. This effect lasts for 1.5 seconds and nullifies all damage and effects for a single basic attack.

Consecutive cast: Meredith brandishes her twin swords, dealing 30/55/85/110/140 (+60% AD) damage to enemies in front of her. This attack applies on hit affects.

Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4 seconds

W – Long Staff/High Thrust:
First Cast: Meredith thrusts her staff forwards dealing 60/105/150/195/240 (+80% AD) damage to the first target and 40% of that to any additional targets she hits in a line. Max range of this skill is 200.

Consecutive Cast: Meredith slams her staff at the throat of her foe dealing 30/55/85/110/140 (+60% AD) damage and silencing the target for 1.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

E – Maul/Crush:
First Cast: Meredith slams her maul into the ground dealing 60/100/140/180/220 (+20% AD) to enemies within 150 range of her and draws them towards her location.

Consecutive Cast: Meredith delivers a crushing blow with her maul dealing 80/110/160/200/250 (+50% AD) damage and reducing the target’s armor by 15 for 4 seconds.

Cooldown: 8/7/7/6/6 seconds

R – Weapon Combo:
Meredith lunges towards her target and deals 150/300/500 (+100% bonus AD) damage and an additional affect depending on what weapon she has equipped at the time:
Twin Swords: Meredith ends the combo by slamming both her swords down onto the target, rooting the target in place for 3 seconds.
Long staff: Meredith ends her combo by slamming her staff into the chest of her opponent and throwing the enemy behind her for half the distance she travelled to arrive at the enemy.
Maul: Meredith ends her combo with a two handed swing, launching the enemy in the air for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 140/110/80 seconds
kfcxbear's Forum Avatar
Feb 1st, 2014
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She's lacking in defensive skills at the moment, but I'll get around to that in an update. Just wanted to throw her idea out for the time being.
kfcxbear's Forum Avatar
Feb 1st, 2014
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My friend pointed out something that may be misunderstood. First Cast applies if she was using a different weapon previously and the Consecutive Cast is if she had the same weapon mapped to that skill already equipped. So, it's not like Riven's Q.
DillButt64's Forum Avatar
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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wow wee theres a lot wrong with this one

for starters the passive, how in the hell do you even switch weapons? Q/W/E im guessing?

im gonna be honest this is sort of a cluster **** with the way you explained it, say you have Q up and you see an AA coming towards you that you want to block, you would have to press W OR E (W is a skillshot im thinking?) and one of those brings the person closer to you, which isnt something you want to do as what im guessing is an ad bruiser with a **** ton of cc(?), and after that animation is done you have to press Q again, and by the time thats over they most likely got enough AA's on you for the block to not even matter just because you happened to have your swords out

btw why so much CC? you can go E-E-W-W-Q-R-Q and they will be, pulled towards you, have armor shredded,silenced, and then rooted

thats 3 forms of CC and a debuff for 8.5 seconds in total if you chain it correctly, and by then your cooldowns are all up (but ult) SO YOU CAN KEEP DOING THAT

now im no math expert but why should someone with so much CC be able to do so mach damage? Yasuo is already a pain in the *** with his one knock up, and this thing has CC in every ability but one
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Jimmydoggga 2.0
Jimmydoggga 2.0's Forum Avatar
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Sep 5th, 2013
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Your w and e do not need consecutive cast effects. The highest ability base damage at lvl 1 right now is 110 and 100% AP. You have abilities that do 160 base, 160% AD, and your autoattacks which is waaayy too strong. Also some of you consecutive cast CCs dont make sense.
(How does hitting someone with a stick silence them?)

Basically MOBAFire.
KazamaShoichi's Forum Avatar
Dec 28th, 2013
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Let there be CDs between switches (4secs is what i think) just to nerf her combo.

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