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Champion Idea Brainstorming

Creator: Isolanporzellator November 26, 2013 2:03pm
The ultimate should offer
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Apr 7th, 2013
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Just had an Idea for a champ, but need some help as I couldn't think of a balanced ultimate yet.

It is a Melee AP Bruiser with a Voodoo-Shaman-Themed look and skillset:

Passive: His abilities drain energy out of his enemies, shielding him for 5% of the damage done (for 5 seconds). If the shield takes damage, he regenerates life and mana equal to that amount.

(e.g. if he does 200 damage with an ability and takes damage after that, he would have shielded 10 damage, healed 10 hp and 10 mana. Decent sustain that scales with your damage output and also offers ability to counterplay, so I really do like that one.)

Q: His next autoattack deals bonus magic damage in an area around the target and slightly reduces the resistances of enemies hit.

(serves as pushing-tool, short cooldown resistance shred, damage tool and for tower pushing as it resets aa)

W: Summons a totem pole in the chosen area, briefly knocking enemies on top of it aside. The totem pole deals AoE magic damage around it and applies the cursed debuff to nearby enemies, reducing their damage by a small percentage (~10% is appropriate I guess). It remains in place for 5 seconds or until killed (has 300/475/650/825/1000 health and no resistances).

(serves only as a small debuff in fights, but can be used for short-time tanking of towers or minion waves as it can take several hits before going down. It also allows you to control the enemies minion flow a little, which can be quite useful)

E: Throws out an arcane chain that pierces all enemies in a line, dealing magic damage and briefly rooting them in place (kinda like Zenith Blade with slightly higher range). If the chain connects to a totem pole, he pulls himself and all pierced enemies towards the totem, dealing bonus magic damage and stunning them for a short time on arrival.

(Together with W, this serves as escape, and can also be really good for catching out opponents if you land the combo. Without W, it only serves as a short-time-lock with a decent amount of damage)

Well, now comes your part: What would be a good (and balanced) ultimate that would also fit the characters theme? Should it serve mainly as a damage tool, utility aura buff or some tidal wave of CC? Should it have passive effects? Pretty much everything could work decently, but I'd like to find an ult that really fits the characters theme and his abilities (e.g. enabling good combos with his other abilities).

Besides this, other thoughts about the champion are of course appreciated aswell (keep in mind that raging about "OP" or "total ****" is ********, as you can't tell anything about this without knowing the numbers and the ultimate.)
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Jimmydoggga 2.0
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Sep 5th, 2013
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Could he create a massive pit thing deals damage and allows enemies to be trapped inside of it?
I don't really have any other ideas but ill get back to you.

Basically MOBAFire.
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Sep 30th, 2010
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I'm not really sure what choice to go with for the ultimate. There is already plenty of cc, mobility, and sustain within this build. It seems fairly balanced in that multiple roles can be filled by this character.

It already reminds me of Jarvan IV though, so it will be very difficult to bring about anything AoE that won't be a mere copy.
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Dec 4th, 2013
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how about making an enemy champion run amok. there are some different ways one could do that:

- cut off the controlls of the player and replace the input by a cpu (would be quite random)

_ make him attack a nearby enemy champion with the lowest health (like being taunted)

- after selecting him cast one of his abilities at will (really short time)

just a quick idea...

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