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[Champion idea]Ren-The complete being

Creator: XeresAce October 19, 2012 5:56pm
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Nov 18th, 2011
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EDIT: His name was stupid so i changed it to Ren-The aura master.

Hello there Mobafire, i just had an interesting idea about a character that can potentially be a LoL champion, so i thought about it and came up with some nifty little skills.
So here goes !
Innate(passive)- Aura cloak
Ren's aura is much stronger than your typical aura, it's so strong that it's visible to the naked eye and it's solid.
This aura provides damage reduction and spikes back damage to enemies.
Damage reduction:
damage spike: 5+10*level(this might be a bit too strong, still waiting for feedback)
Q-Density shift:
Ren uses his mastery of his own body to shift his density, becoming in-tangible and getting increased movement speed.
While in this state he can either pass through a wall or an enemy.
If he passes through an enemy, he marks then with an aura leech debuff which can be later activated by his other abilities to slow the target down.
The enemies he passes through also take damage.
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
Damage: 40/80/160/200/220(+0.6 per ap)
Movement speed boost: 10%/15%/20%/30%/34%
Density shifted form lasts for 3 seconds.
w-aura storm:
Ren can control the flow of his aura, turning it in to a kind of vortex.
The vortex lasts for 5 seconds and deals continuous damage.
If the enemy was debuffed with aura leech, the target is slowed and the target has a % of their ad/ap taken away from them.
Cooldown:15/13/9/7/4 seconds.
Damage:10/25/35/45/60(+0.2 per ap) per second.
% of ap and ad taken: 2/4/5/6/10%.
the range of this spell would be around viktor's Q
and the diameter would be around morgannas soil.
e-Aura wave:
Ren focuses his aura in a center point, then he releases it to deal massive damage and knock back nearby enemies.
Ren channels while focusing for 0.75 seconds.
Cooldown:25/20/15/10/7 seconds.
Damage:70/140/200/240/300(+0.5 per ap).
Range of spell: a bit more than diana's Moonfall.

R(Ultimate)- Shell of emptiness
Ren's aura cloak suddenly grows stronger, giving all of his abilities and his passive extra effects, while this spell lasts, ren may chose to unleash the active part of it.
R(secondary skill)-Path of decay
Ren unleashes a powerful blast in a wide line in front of him, damaging all enemies in its path, enemies who got hit by this spell get debuffed and take continuous damage until the debuff ends, then they are rooted.
Shell of emptiness details:
Cooldown 100/90/80 seconds.
Innate: Since ren's aura got stronger, the damage reduction increases by 6%.
Q: He may now stay in this form for 6 seconds instead of 3.
W: The damage applied per second is increased my 20%.
E: The ****back range is increased, targets are additionally slowed.
Path of decay details:
Damage(first use):200/250/300(+0.2 per ap)
Damage over time applied by debuff:100/150/200(+0.8 per ap).
Root duration:0.75/1/1.25 seconds.
Range and diameter are similar to janna's Q.
LORE(cheesy, i know)

As a young child, Ren was always a loner. He didn't understand how people can be so interested about other things while they didn't know themselves.
He devoted all of his time and attention meditating, doing research and talking with himself.
One day, he came to a conclusion that he is nothing more than a human who has entrapped his soul, he realized that he was just a shell and that he would never be able to become a complete person until he comes in even terms with his own soul. He then realized that he needed to let his soul act. His soul resonated as a strong aura. He utilized that aura for everything in life, he wanted his "Soul" to be in perfect harmony with him. He became a complete person, and didn't rest for one second until he had the aura under control. Now that he has his own spirit on even terms as him, he has achieved his life long goal"Finding balance within oneself".

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