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[Champion Idea] Zahir, the Warrior Mage of Shurima

Creator: Sei Zahir May 11, 2015 1:13pm
Sei Zahir
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May 11th, 2015
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Hello everyone, I'm a former NA player and used to play this game in english and visit this page for cheking guides. Later I moved to LAS because that's where I'm from, but I decided to post this here because we don't have good creative forums and I don't have an account in NA anymore. I'm sorry if my english is not very good, I tried my best, thank you for reading!

Zahir, The Warrior Mage of Shurima

Zahir is a Mage and a Fighter, he has both a staff and a magic blade, (one in each hand, yeah like Gandalf). He always starts as a mage, I haven't decided if he wears the sword all the time or he draws it or emerge it when he dashes (yes, he dashes and enters melee form, see spell E). He's not an assassin, he lingers between burst damage and DPS without excelling in one in particular, he's a tactical champion with many possibilities.

I could use a little help with the lore and ability names, since my english is not that good. I imagine Zahir being the younger brother of Azir, living at the shadow of him, maybe reborn to challenge the brother's right to rule.

Zahir is an AP Carry who is more burst oriented when in range form, and DPS oriented when in melee form. The reason of this is because his ultimate (wich btw is not his form changing spell) let him decide what he needs in the differents battle situations. His R empowers the form that he is on, but he have to choose very careful because of its long cd. So Zahir players will have to choose what is best, if playing from distance and try to land some spells, or to engage and run after his foes with his sword. I will explain how this will work further with his habilities:

The Light of Shurima
Whenever Zahir lands a ranged spell on his target, it will be marked with the Light of Shurima, the first basic attack in melee form will stun the target.
(the only hard cc of Zahir, auto attack an enemy in melee form who was previusly marked in range form)

Q: Secret Fire (5 seconds cooldown approx)
In ranged form: Zahir fires an energy blast that damages all enemies in a line. (I imagine this as Lucian Q but with ap and some trajectory) the target is marked with the Light of Shurima
In melee form: Zahir swings his magic blade to the ground and damages all nearvy enemies in a circular area. (kinda like Malphite E, this spells combined are his primarly farming tool)

W: (10 seconds cooldown approx)
In ranged form: Zahir redirects Shurima's Sun light to the selected location (circular), dealing reduced magic damage, slowing all enemies that passes through, marking them with the Light of Shurima and revealing them for a few seconds (I imagine it like a solar flare in the ground wich the clouds let it pass)
In melee form: Zahir surrounds himself with a holy aura from Shurima, gaining 10/20/30/40/50 bonus armor and magic ressist and 20% movement speed.

E: (8 seconds cooldown approx)
First Cast: Zahir dashes forward AND enters melee form, while in melee form he gains 20% attack and movement speed, his basic attacks do bonus magic damage and triggers the mark of The Light of Shurima.
Second Cast: Zahir comes back into ranged form (with no dash), and he parries the next basic attack or turret shot (THIS IS HIS FORM CHANGING SPELL, when he is in mage form, he has a dash, but if he uses it, he will enter melee form and can't turn back, so he has to ve very careful).

R: Pride of Shurima (80 seconds cooldown aprox)
Zahir empowers himself for 20 secods.
If he's in ranged form, he gains 20 flat magic penetration and 20% cooldown reduction on his basic spells, also his W will do magic damage based on target current health per second (like botrk)
If he's in melee form, he gains additional 20% movement and attack speed, tenacity, and his basic attacks will do bonus magic damage based on target missing health (like fizz)
(Casting E will not end the effect of Pride of Shurima, It'll just change the bonuses)

So to resume, I think Zahir could be a very fun and strategic champion to play, when he is a mage, he can use his Q to harrass and W to scout and slow, but he will never be a strong poke or burst champion like Xerath or Syndra. And in melee form, he can do a lot of sustained damage to one foe, but of course he wont be Yasuo or Tryndamere. The interesting thing is that he can empower himself in one form he choose, empower his mage form for better harras, siege or peel, and empower his melee form for better all ins and cleaning fights. The basic combo leaves a lot of room for counterplay, he first tries to land his Q or W to see the enemies and mark them, then he needs to decides if its worth dashing in to land the stun and begin the prolongued fight while being more vulnerable. He can then go back to range form if the enemies went too far and try to repeat the process.

I hope you like my idea and of course I'm open to suggestions of any kind, any value or name are not definitive and would like to add some ideas you have.
Thanks for reading!!
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Feb 17th, 2011
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One whole month with no replies? Blasphemy! Every idea deserves acknowledgement at the very least!

I like this passive. Unfortunately I know there's going to be a gap-closer later on that will make me regret liking it.

Secret Fire
A little boring without his passive. Maybe you can give some sort of added effect? Like both melee and ranged ability burn the ground for 2 seconds or something? Otherwise its a pretty plain line-nuke and AoE

The ranged ability here is really cool! The melee ability is again kind of unimpressive. All it does is give a bunch of stats!

This is an interesting take on the changing spell. I'm just sad it makes using his passive almost too easy. Land one spell and immediately hit E to dash at your enemy.

I really don't like this ultimate. For a start all it does is make you stronger. It's not a cool ability that changes the game, and its not focused on one or two stats to make you really impressive at doing one thing, it just gives you a bunch of stats that make you better depending on which form you're in. And the worst thing about it is it lasts so long that it has to be weak! Master Yi's ultimate gives him 80% attack speed and 45% movespeed and can't be slowed. It's all stacked on one thing; speed! You only get it for 10 seconds unless you can get kills or assists. It's a big temporary boost that's not too impressive but still does something sort of unique.

I honestly think Zahir could be really cool. His passive has potential, his range-form W I liked a lot! He just falls flat in the melee field because he's just a boring right-click DPS. I'd personally like to see a mage come out of the idea, but if your heart is set on melee keep working at it, you'll figure it out.
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