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[Character Concept} Boxer Champion

Creator: Uncutfearitself March 5, 2013 2:27pm
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Nov 2nd, 2012
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I came up with a quick character when i was bored but didn't go into great detail. But any who here it goes. (sorry if its pretty vague)

This character with the concept of Lee Sin's style of fighting(bare handed/gloved) but involves boxing moves and being able to do combos for combat.

Q would be a Jab standard damage ability
W would be a Block 30-50% damage reduction
E would be a Dash style ability (like Graves Quick Draw)*
R would be an uppercut that causes some for of a slow stun effect with decent damage

The Mechanics of this character will be explained below.
The Boxer would be based around combos in the fashion of give him a 1,2
You would be able to press Q to jab them and W to duck (or Block to take less damage) And depending on the combo a different passive effect will take place for a few seconds. With a Q,Q combo you would have say a 30% Attack speed buff or a 15% more damage for your next few attacks.
And this can be interchangeable Q,W for a passive to take less damage for a few seconds plus the added effect of W
W,W for a major Damage Reduction
W,Q for a faster Attack Speed, Movement speed*
Q,R greater damage for ultimate
E,R stun or slow effect greatly increased

This is a basic idea of his combat style, I am not fully sure how it would work for resource type would work best for Energy and his abilities would cost a decent amount of energy because of the fact that the boxer would have to have no real cool down on his abilities.
A concept i had for his energy usage is that when you activate an ability you get a passive that makes your next attack cost none but put the 1st ability on cool down. Giving him a fairness level so he cant just Q,Q and expect him to be able to spam it because 1 the Q is now on cool down and 2 he just used about 2/3s of his energy right there and could maybe do a W or E to get out of whatever he was doing.

Thank you for looking at this and if you read it please give me some feedback If you want come up with lore, name. I only came up with the concept of him.

* idea can easily be changed just was a thought
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Apr 1st, 2013
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if LoL was based on skillshots...good life
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Feb 8th, 2011
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The problem with it is that it has a really large "burden of knowledge" placed on it.

If you've never played as them, you have, as far as you know, 4 skills to keep track of. Then they start mixing the combos into the mix, and everything they do, and suddenly you have a very confusing champion to play against if you don't spend a lot of time learning about it. Not something a lot of people want to do. Also, if it's not glaringly obvious what the combos do, then you have a lot of invisible power floating around, with no way of really telling what's active.
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