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Christen, the Smart Killer

Creator: Lord Jerbert April 16, 2013 6:51am
Lord Jerbert
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Apr 16th, 2013
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"Going to catch me is waste of time"

The day that Christen names "Doomday", her father got killed by one Christen's enemy. The next day she went to the hospital by an accident in the way to get home.

After 4 years, Chirsten went to Noxus, because someone was chasing her. She fought against Katarina the Sinister Blade. Katarina saw her smart moves and she tought her how to beat her enemy. Christen told Katarina that someone was chasing her and Katarina told her to go to Biltzwater and kill the Giantic Crab that lives there.

Christen got powerfull movement and moves from beating this Giantic Crab. She went to the League for revenge her father.


HP (per lvl) 257 (+50)
HP regen (per lvl) 2.1
Base Mana (per lvl) 0 (+0)
Mana regen (per lvl) 0.0 (+0)
Base AD (per lvl) 50 (+4.5)
Armor (per lvl) 6 (+9)
Mov. Speed: 360


Passive: Wild smile

After 4 hits, next basic attack will gain 180 (+0) attack damage per 3 seconds

[Q] Let's go there!

(Passive): Christen see the enemies who have got 50-350 HP.
Christen throws her knife with a cord in the targeted area and she go there with the cord.
If this ability hit an enemy he will take 120 (+0) attack damage.
Costs no mana.
Cooldown 10/8/7/5/4 seconds.

[W] Fast Death

Christen gains 40 movement speed, 5% attack speed and if she hit an enemy he gains 170 (+0) attack damage. If this ability kills the enemy the cooldown refreshes.
Costs no mana. Cooldown 18/15/12/9/8 seconds.

[E] [Passive] Threat from nowhere

Every 10 hits, Christen becomes invisible for 4 seconds and gains 40 (+0) attack damage.

[R] Poison death

(Passive) Christen electrify enemies and they gain 140 (+0) magical damage.
Christen poisons 6 knifes and throw them to the targered champion.
Costs no mana. Cooldown 85/70/55 seconds.
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Sep 13th, 2012
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Lore needs a rewrite, it's kinda cliche and empty right now. Her passive feels like a weker version of diana's, her Q feels like a combination of Bloodscent and Nautilus' anchor. Her E could be interesting, but the bonus AD is unclear. Also her W says the enemy gains AD, so that should be clarified. Her ult makes almost 0 sense. Needs a lot of work.

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