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Cravak, Staff-Weilder

Creator: devdevil September 23, 2012 8:08pm
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Sep 3rd, 2012
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Second champion...
Cravak is a wizardy support character that I sort of thought of while sitting around, bored...
Anyway, thinking he'll have brown and green robes with a long wooden staff, and a sort of late 40s look...
After Cravak's staff(s) do their ability (thingy) they will return back to him and just float around him. His basic attack will just be one of his staffs floating in front of him shooting the enemie(s).
On to abilities;

Regenerative Mana (Passive)
Cravak and his allies have 20% more mana regen.

Spark (Q)
Cravak's staff slams into the ground, sending a flame into the ground to select target, dealing 60/80/100/120/140 (+40% Ability Power) and slowing the target.
Clear Mind Bonus: Cravak's two staffs both slam into the ground, and the target is instead stunned.
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12

Twirl (W)
Cravak's Staff twirls around target ally, absorbing 60/80/100/120/140 (+80% of ability power) damage for 6 seconds or until the sheild is broken.
Clear Mind Bonus: Both of Cravak's staffs twirl around target ally, deflecting 25% of the damge dealt to the nearest enemy within 500 range of the sheilded ally.
Mana Cost: 65/75/85/95/105
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10

Counter (E)
Cravak's staff goes in front of him, absorbing incoming damage for 3 seconds, then sending out 40% of the damage to enemies within 400 range of him.
Clear Mind Bonus: One of Cravak's staffs sends out the damage, while the other sends out a wave pushing enemies back outside of the 400 range.
Mana Cost: 50/70/90/110/120
Cooldown 30/28/26/24/22

Clear Mind (R)
Cravak concentrates, and cleares his mind increasing his cooldowns by 20% and his allies' by 10% for 10 seconds. An additional staff also appears, improving his spells, also for 10 seconds.
Mana Cost: 75/125/175
Cooldown: 150/125/100

That's all I have for now...promise i'll put more soon so stay tunned and make sure to tell me what you think! Oh and if you like this one please see my other Champion!

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Aug 3rd, 2012
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this guy seems like a sort of AP/support champ, he can go either way but isnt the best at either however i do like the ideas of his Q W and E but the R is pretty strong if you have 2 AP champs including yerself

also for the ult does the second staff only last for 10 seconds too? if thats the case lowering the CD on all the QWE skills would make it make more sense to add to his skills

then again you could just build him tanky ap and spam W and E in lane all day for all the shielding and reflecting
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Sep 3rd, 2012
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Thanks for the info! I've edited him according to your suggestions C:

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