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Crowd Control Not As Prioritized S4?

Creator: ShenMasterFlash January 16, 2014 1:33pm
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Apr 6th, 2011
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DISCLAIMER: I'm just a low elo player that watches LCS and haven't been playing much in S4 until the last week or 2.

In my time of playing LoL, I've always kinda thought "crowd control is king" - especially in terms of jungling. I've always played kinda tanky CC-heavy jungles (Amumu, Maokai, later on Nautilus), but it seems that this has fallen out of favor in season 4 whereas heavy sustained damage jungles like Khazix, Eve, and Shyvana are reigning. Granted, Vi still has her ultimate and she is still very good.

But the same thing kinda seems to hold true for the top lane, with CC-light champs Shyvana and Dr. Mundo as the most popular choices. I guess you could say the same thing with ADC's, as utility heavy ADC's like Varus and Ashe have been replaced by heavy damage dealers Jinx and Lucian.

Now the support seems to be the number one source of playmaking crowd control, like Leona and Thresh. It just seems like overall there is less of a need to get heavy amounts of crowd control in team comps as there was in S3.

Just was curious of people's thoughts on this one. I may be way off base, and if so, feel free to say that :) Thanks!
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Apr 2nd, 2013
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My thoughts on it are basically that the meta shifts, this one being heavily inclined toward the benefits of investing in the defensive tree and the tanks that emerged from it. Everything that followed was because of this. ADCs need to be mobile and stomp lane, supports and junglers can deal damage with increased gold flow, games take longer to finish so late-game champs are better, towers are harder to take down so siege/poke champs got better, etc.

The lack of CC is a by-product of all these things. That being said, most mid picks have some form of CC and supports are mostly CC machines that deal or take lots of damage.
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Jul 20th, 2011
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It's because death is the strongest type of CC. Up to 60s duration op.

Most tanks now have absurd base damages and can build full tank + still kill carries very very easily.

Shyvana for example, has Burnout which does 80 dps for up to 9 seconds. For argument's sake, let's say she sticks onto you for the full 9 seconds. That is a 720 base damage. Sunfire ramps it up to over 1000 magic damage over 9 seconds. She still has Flame Breath's base damage + passive proc damage, high base AD, and Twin Bite which all synergize with each other. Lastly, she has her Dragon Form active which is another 400 magical damage.

A standard carry has <2000 hp at level 18, and usually doesn't buy any more. With just base damage, you can more or less kill an ADC by yourself. On top of that, you have 300 armor and 3500 HP from Sunfire, Thornmail, Tabi, Randuins etc. There is literally no way you will die to any form of physical damage.

The same holds true for other tanks. Even Vi with %-based health damage + armor shred and 340 base damage on her Q.

Even supports have absurd base damages. Thresh's Box has 250 at level 1, and Leona's base damages are high for AoE spells.
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Nov 23rd, 2012
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You know, I just felt this season's meta shifted back to similar to season 1/2, where Tanky DPS rules. Now at my elo level mundo shyvana and nasus are permabans...

And I read something on reddit that basically said this season's meta is expected to be on mobility. Idk.
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