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Daemon, The Misty Illusionist

Creator: NiqhtsEdge
April 11, 2012 4:07am
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Hi, I'm NiqhtsEdge and I've been playing LoL for sometime and heres my idea for a new champion.

Daemon is a melee scout using stealth to get out of and start ganks. He has a lot of speed and pushes faster than other champions.

Illusionist (Passive): He has a chance to dodge enemies' attacks. He also has an increased dodge while hiding. If he is revealed, then he cannot dodge.

Particle Split (Q): Daemon explodes himself, dealing damage to himself and surrounding eneemy units (this scales on AP). He also becomes invincible for a bit after the explosion.

Fake Fog of War (W): Daemon brings out fog and places it. While in the Fog, enemies may not see him or his allies. Attacking reveals him for 0.5, like Akali.

Reveal Mist (E): While in the Fake FoG, he may reveal himself and dash to any unit within a radius
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