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Daizon, Taking Timing to a Whole New Level.

Creator: Lazukin October 28, 2012 12:34am
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Jan 20th, 2011
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For this champion idea, I wanted to make someone that would really take a lot of
skill to master. His abilities all revolve around Tech-Bomb, which is his only source
of damage besides his autoattacks (which should be pretty strong). Due to this,
Tech-Bomb is an absolute powerhouse, but is very hard to use. It's visible to
enemies, has a medium detonation AoE, and has a very low minimum damage, only
reaching its maximum potential after 12 seconds (best not to wait for 12 though, 11
would be better as it dissapears very shortly after 12).

It's worth noting that Daizon has 575 attack range, and since he is not a traditional
AD carry, may not fit into most comps, however he could work very well as a jungler
if you set up with 2 or 3 bombs (remember you can't detonate them at level 1!) placed
correctly, as the walls will stay on the camps, dealing increased damage every

Daizon probably wouldn't shine until level 6, where he can surprise someone with a
maximum duration bomb if he manages to have one in the right place 1500 range
from them.

Passive: Daizon gains (+3/5/7/9/11/13/16)% Crit chance for each Tech-Bomb he has out
on the field. He can have up to 3 Tech-Bombs out at once.

Q - Tech-Bomb

Mana Cost: 40
Range: 900/1000/1100/1200/1300
Cooldown: 1 second
Tech-Bombs stored: 3
1 Tech Bomb gained every: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds

Daizon can have up to 3 Tech-Bombs stored at a time. Upon use, Daizon creates a
Tech-Bomb on the field at target location. The Tech-Bomb is untargetable and cannot
be destroyed. It lasts up to 12 seconds or until detonated. If not detonated, the
Tech-Bomb will not explode.

When two or more Tech-Bombs are placed within 1500 range of eachother, a wall is
formed between them, dealing damage equal to 1/3 the current Detonate damage of the
oldest bomb per second inside the wall, and slows anyone passing through it by
(15/20/25/30/35)% for 3 seconds.

Tech Bombs can be detonated using Detonate, and deal damage depending on how long
they were in play.

W - Detonate

Mana Cost: 80
Range: 2000
Cooldown: 0 seconds
AoE Diameter: 750

Daizon detonates the targeted Tech-Bomb, dealing damage based on how long it has been
out. This damage scales very heavily so it is not smart to be near a Tech-Bomb that
has been out for a long time. The bombs deal (40/80/120/140/160)+100% Bonus AD
Physical damage, which goes up by a 20% of the initial damage every second, capping
out at (136/272/408/476/544)+340% Bonus AD physical damage.

E - Augment Tech-Bomb

Mana Cost: 0
Range: 2000
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds

Targeted Tech-Bomb switches to magic damage, gains (2/4/6/8/10)% to its damage per
second buff, and returns half the total damage dealt back as health. Only returns
1/3rd the amount for minions and neutral monsters.

R - Kick

Mana Cost: 150/175/200
Range: 150
Cooldown: 75/70/60 seconds

Targeted Tech-Bomb is kicked, sliding exactly 1500 range and exploding. The explosion
deals an additional (25/75/125) damage and stuns affected enemies for (0.5/1/1.5)
seconds. While being pushed from the kick, the kicked Tech-Bomb can still create
walls with other Tech-Bombs, thus slowing nearby enemies as well.

EDIT: What do you think of changing his ult to "Swap position with a Tech-Bomb"? It would have one other effect, dunno what, but it would be cool to suddenly swap-detonate a bomb that used to be in a bush and do some scary damage to someone who wasn't expecting it.

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Jan 20th, 2011
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Bump :3

I make sigs, PM me if you want one :D (Thanks for the Nidalee sig, The_Nameless_Bard!)
BlackJoe2's Forum Avatar
Mar 11th, 2013
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Cool idea for a champion, but I feel that the Tech-Bombs do too much damage. If one has been out for 12 seconds and a non-tanky champion walks into it, they will die instantly from the explosion. His ult is also fairly OP as the normally avoidable bombs will be suddenly thrown into your midst and you will die instantly. His E will increase the damage if I read that correctly, which means even a tanky champion would die in one explosion.

I like the idea of the wall, but IMO the range that the walls can be activated is to high.

Overall I really like the idea, but the damage and scaling of the bombs needs to be nerfed. Also, he seems like more of a AP champion due to his bomb dealing high damage. Maybe change his passive to gaining spellvamp instead of crit chance?

Nerf his damage, change his E and his R, and you will have a fairly balanced champion.
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Apr 4th, 2013
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Perhaps if the bombs lasted longer and didn't so as much damage. As is this would ceratainly take a high amount of skill. More skill than what is needed to use Dianna and old Karma combined.
Sporner's Forum Avatar
Dec 4th, 2013
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep December 27, 2013 7:35am | Report
nice idea. is the time each bomb is on the field visible to the enemies? how about scaling the range of the detonation as well? i don't know how you could include it, but wouldn't the ability to put up fake bombs be cool?
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Nov 23rd, 2012
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Don't "Daizon" have high zoning power? look, 12 second on a targeted area, you could store 3 and put it around your minions, leaving them there to zone the enemies and the opponents can't destroy it. since one bomb s loaded every 10 second, you could have a permanent wall of bombs zoning out the opponents.

The bombs deal 136 + 340% bonus AD at level 1, taking that his base AD is just 70, the damage in total would be a whopping 374. Level one.

Thats about a instakill on sona, provided that it is left for 12 seconds.

Also could you work out the base stats for the champion?

Otherwise the champion concept is pretty cool.
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Dec 6th, 2011
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Detonate is really OP, and that passive is pretty nice too. I think that you'll need to nerf the numbers big time, before he could see play.
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