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Dako & Boc, best friends forever

Creator: Dakohri February 3, 2013 9:46am
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Feb 3rd, 2013
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Role/Concept idea:

A champion that can be built and played very differently. The core idea is that Dako has a companion, the troll Boc. Unlike other summons, Boc is constantly present (unless slain). However, Boc cannot be directly controlled, other than through abilities. Boc is meant to be extremely tough, while Dako is rather squishy. Enemies has to chose whether to focus taking down Dako or Boc in teamfights, as a slain Dako generally will result in the slayer being forced away from the rest of the fight, or end up slain too.


Tank, Pusher, Jungler, Hybrid

Balance challenges:

- Finding a good balance between Dako and Boc base stats.
- Actual numbers on all abilites (obviously, as with all champs).
- Finding a good balance on how Dako's item stats scale with Boc.
- Finding a good "leash range", to determine when Boc will cease attack and follow.


Boc is an outcast forest troll, left by his small tribe to feed and fend for himself at young age. Possessing the strength, cunning and patience like all forest trolls, Boc had no problems hunting game, catching fish in streams, and foraging from bird's nests; so he survived an lived a roaming life travelling over large parts of the continents. He learned quickly that he had few allies; most of those he met rarely stood still once they saw him. Some ran, others armed themselves. None ever tried to talk. Until he came across Dako.

Dako is the child of a travelling family of yordles, possibly entertainers, scribes or craftsmen - any profession that travels. Today, Dako is a young adult, but he was but a child when he encountered the troll who ended up being his friend. During a journey between settlements Dako lost his parents. They may have died from a bandit ambush or wild predators, Dako could have ran away, or they may have left their child behind. Dako does not talk about his past before he met Boc, and none other have yet gained enough of his trust for him to confide in them.

The troll and the yordle met late night in a clearing by a forest lake, where Boc had laid down to sleep. Being delirious from thirst, Dako did not see the troll, only the water. So he climbed over the "rock" on his way to quench his thirst, waking Boc up. Quick for his size, Boc reached out and caught the drinking yordle with his hand easily.

Now, the usual procedure would have been that the troll got himself a late snack and our story would have been over. But not this time. Like all yordles, Dako is very social and has a high need to express himself verbally. Being all alone without his parents for several days, without nobody to talk to, he began to chatter with the troll - not quite realizing the predicament he was actually in. Boc was both amused and happily surprised that there was someone that seemed glad to meet him, and forgot all thoughts of dinner. The two talked through the night, and developed an interest in each other and quickly became friends.

Since this night, the unlikely couple has travelled together. For years they roamed planlessly, but as Dako matured he became more interested in finding out what the civilized world was about. Seeking out their first town, the pair was captured and put to trial - their only crime being different. The verdict of the corrupted justicar was harsh, being forced to participate in the League. Being naive and without knowledge of law, Dako and Boc do not understand they could plead to the sorcerers to release them from the unjust punishment. So they stay, for they are strong enough to survive - together.


PASSIVE - Boc, the troll companion.

Boc will follow Dako around and attack enemies as he see fit, unless Dako uses abilities. He will not cease attacking, even if Dako stands still (S button). If Boc is slain, he will respawn after 30 seconds (+2/level) next to Dako (An animation give a warning to the enemy team). When Dako is slain, Boc will respawn at the same time as Dako. Boc benefits 100% from all gear stats that Dako has, but not rune pages or masteries.

Q - Together forever!

Cost: 50 mana
Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8 seconds
Range: 600

Active: Commands Boc to attack a specific enemy once, dealing 200% damage. If the attack is a killing blow, Boc eats the target and heals for 20/40/60/80/100% of targets max hitpoints. Clicking the ability again will cancel the action, returning Boc prematurely.

Passive: If Dako is slain by a champion, Boc goes berserk chasing the slayer until he/she dies or 30 seconds have passed. During the berserk, Boc gets +50% movement speed, dealing 100% increased damage, has 50% damage reduction. Also, Boc is immune to slows and roots when berserking, but he can be stunned and surpressed.

W - Wild and free!

Cost: 0
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Duration: 20/25/30/35/40 seconds
Roaming area diameter: 400/450/500/550/600

Active: Sends Boc away to roam freely for the duration in an area anywhere on the map. Boc will walk to the destination without stopping to fight until he gets there. When the duration is over, Boc will walk back to Dako (again without stopping to fight until he's back). Clicking the ability before the duration is out, will make Boc return immediately.

Passive: Allows Dako to forage for food and healing herbs when Boc is not around. When Boc is roaming, and when he is dead, Dako has increase health (8/13/18/23/28) and mana regeneration (5/8/11/14/17) every 5 seconds.

E - Sidekick time!

Cost: 55 mana
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Duration: 1.5/3/4.5/6/7.5 seconds

Active: Boc starts swinging wildly for a short period of time. The units that Boc hit are knocked up in the air. Unless using another ability, these attacks cannot be directed by Dako.

Passive: Dako studies the weaknesses of his enemies as Boc goes rampage. For each unit that Boc knocks in the air, Dako gains a "critical charge". Each charge increases the critical chance for Dako's next attack by 25%.

R - Hit 'em high and low!

Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 140/120/100 seconds
Duration: 4/5/6 seconds

Active: For the duration, Dako tumbles into the legs of his enemies, rooting them in place for 1 second when hit. Also, for the duration, Boc is attacking Dako's targets.

Passive: Allows Dako to become stealthed indefinitely. He has to stand still and not take any actions for 4/3/2 seconds to receive the stealth effect.


STATS FOR DAKO - (base) (per level) (at lvl 18)

Health: 350 (+75 = 1700)
HP/5sec: 4.5 (+0.6 = 15.3)
Mana: 200 (+40 = 920)
Mana/5sec: 6 (+0.5 = 15)
Range: 125 (melee)
Move speed: 345
Attack damage: 50 (+3.5 = 113)
Attack speed: 0.625/sec (1.000/sec at lvl 18)
Armor: 11 (+3.3 = 70.4)
Magic resist: 30 (+0 = 30)

STATS FOR BOC - (base) (per level) (at lvl 18)

Health: 700 (+150 = 3400)
HP/5sec: 4.5 (+1.0 = 22.5)
Mana: n/a
Mana/5sec: n/a
Range: 125 (melee)
Move speed: 325
Attack damage: 65 (+4 = 137)
Attack speed: 0.400/sec (0.400/sec at lvl 18)
Armor: 20 (+4 = 92)
Magic resist: 40 (+2 = 76)


Dako using abilities:

Only the R skill, and the passive effect from W, is usuable while Boc is dead.


Obviously there are some nasty combos available with this skill setup. The lack of escapes for Dako (especially when Boc is not around) should hopefully make up for this.

Boc AI:

Boc may be too predictable if he follows the standard minion agro, but that is perhaps how he has to behave.

Hitboxes and size:

Dako is meant to be a small champion with a small hitbox, and Boc to have a large one. Being able to use Boc as a bodyguard for skillshots is intentional.

Wild and free:

Total amount healed per rank is 32/65/108/161/224. Total mana gained per rank is 20/32/66/98/136. The health regen during a full lvl 18 Boc respawn timer is 370. This may be a bit low, as it is the only thing Dako has got going when Boc is on the respawn timer.

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