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Eli, The Demons Voice

Creator: DeadlyXD May 26, 2012 2:11pm
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Nov 2nd, 2011
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Eli Storm.
One day while Karthus in the void between Valoran and death he experienced an Earthquake like shake.
Karthus began to hear a whisper in his voice even when he returned the the league. It was saying "Kill destroy obliterate". Karthus requested the help of veiger and Vladimir. They used their magic to release the voice. The Demons voice. Eli arrived in Valoran with such a force the room exploded.
" Everything will be oblirated by the time I get these fools out of my way nothing will stop me."
Eli's attack animation is small rings of sound shooting from his mouth to his target.
Health at level 1; 750 Health at level 18; 2100
No mana
Bass movement speed of 310
Passive; Voice of fury.
When Eli drops below 30% health He unleashs a shockwave doing 100/200/300/ damage. 30 seconds cooldown.

Q;Whisperings of nothing
8 second cooldown at lowest rank 5 second at max rank (is affected by cooldown)
A skillshot which sends out a fear and deals 10% of attack damage + 20% of max health.

W;Lies and Malice 30 seconds cooldown which cannot be lowerd by cooldown reduction.
When it's active he can negate one attack of ability which heals(15% of damage) and does damage to the attacker( 10% of the damage)

E; Rebirth Eli blinks to a point dealing with a force that deals damage to nearby enemies. It deals 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 Base damage with 20/25/30/30/30 of ad.

R; Unleash the Demons. 80 seconds cool down
Eli roars with such force that he unleashes three shockwaves which slows and deals damage over time which stacks with each wave that hurts the champion. 25 Damage (+30% of attack damage) 50 damage ( +40% of attack damage) 100 damage(+50% of attack damage)

Recommend items
Dorans blade ( just beacuse you have to have a dorans)Boots of Swiftness wriggles lantern wits end Warmogs atmas impaler
But Alternativly you could go Boots 3 pots, Wriggles lantern, Boots of swiftness, Wits end, warmogs maw of malmortis / atmas impaler.
I would play eli top lane. With people in other lanes with high levels of crowd control.

Eli could be played as an ad carry.

This is my first go at theory crafting a charcter. But I think it went resonably well.
Please leave anything you think would help.
Spelling errors, Presantation, Op-ness, edits or ideas and any little bits you didn't qutie get.
If you would like to discuss anything add me on league of legends ErrrXD or message me on this.
Hi. Thats it is all.

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